Tuesday, March 2, 2010 2 comments

What a week...

And its only Tuesday.

So today i took a half day because i feel like poo.
I did my "have to do's" and got out of there.

even though i can hardly talk, I'm expected to be main on phones.
even though i do my whole recorded crap "Good Morning/Afternoon thank you for calling craptastic this is Rotty how can I help you?" and the automatic response from the caller is one of 3 responses

1) whoa you sound like crap
2) Oh hunny, you sound terrible
3) you're not sounding so great (<--from the polite people)

and it just makes my voice/throat/cough worse.

Then tomorrow i work a half day and then i get to drive to drill... alone. So then I get to have a double drill weekend ( 4 days instead of 2) because i missed last month due to my fall.

I'm excited to get up there, because i really like the people in my unit.

But I'm not excited for the drive or to be away from my husband. He takes such good care of me, i take it for granted most of the time. Like tonight he made us his famous (well, famous to us) homemade calzone of awesomeness. and all I had to do was role out the dough.

I am also going to try really hard to stay and save money while I'm there. I'm packing my microwavable pasta/rice cooker.
and I'm going to do as much as i can to save money, eat healthy, and do as much as i can while I'm gone.
Its easy to eat healthier while I'm home, but when I'm gone that's when i struggle.
So tomorrow. i have PT, then work, then i drive, should be interesting...