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Chores Suck!

Even as you get older and chores are no longer forced upon you they still SUCK!
i will vacuum, dust, wash windows, mop, do laundry
but my arch enemy will always and forever be dishes!
I HATE dishes!
why? I'm not really sure.
but i just do. they suck. it can officially be said that DISHES SUCK!
I think its because they're never ending. if it didn't cost so much i'd eat with paper and plastic the rest of my life, but damm me for liking my enviornment
(i blame that on living in oregon)
i'm lazy but not that lazy.
speaking of enviornment i've had a sack of cans sitting im my livingroom for going on 2 weeks now.
maybe i'll leave it for the bums... maybe i'll take it back. who knows.
i'll probably take it back today. and use the money to buy something for me.

B's working from home today. which i do and don' like becuase he gets overly annoyed when i bug him. oh well. thats what he gets. JOKING!

Okay... enough procrastinating... back to work (dammit)

::pictures of the day::

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So I've gotten most of my anxiety and stress in check. I've been tracking what stresses me out and working on it. I've been tracking what stresses me out or raises my anxiety and analyzing how I can make it work better or to my advantage.
the only 2 things i can't get under control
school/new situations

if we had money i doubt school should stress me out.
Its just hard to work so hard your exhausted and barely scrape by. Its rough!!

I'm working on it though and thats good!

So i've decided i'm adding pictures to my blog entries
maybe i'll add quotes later on

Today's Pictures



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house hunting

we went to an open house on My husbands campus! we saw 5 options

our first choice was a 2 bedroom house.
in reaity it was a 4 bedroom house. with a HUGE i'm talking MASSIVE kitchen with more cabinet space then i know what to do with. It has an island with a stove. and a place for a seperate freezer! there is a big livingroom, a finished attic. its short, b had to slouch bad, but it would work really well for me and my projects. can you imagine a floor to yourself?!? for only you and your projects. love it. there was an attached room with a door up there too (guest room anyone?) there is a dining room (china cabinet built in) off the kitchen, down the hallway there is a decent sized bathroom and a huge bedroom. with tons of closet space, down stairs is a bedroom and a walkin closet/extra bedroom. its completley finished. both downstairs and attick have nice plush carpets! OH and it has a fenced yard, with a pation cement slab. GAH! I want it soooooooooooo bad. it was a little retro but i can adapt!

2nd choice is around the corner. 2 decent sized bedrooms, bathroom with a clawfoot tub shower. the bathroom was just redone. there is a decent sized kitchen but no dishwasher and almost no cabinet space. but the basement is huge! and t has an AMAZING VIEW!

3rd choice is a really cute 50's style house with a detached garage. 2 huge bedrooms and a HUGE bathroom... way big! you could fit 2 of my current bathrooms in there!! and the rest of our apartment in their kitchen! the only down side is that they are RIGHT on the street. but its in a college town so its not to bad. 4th choice is an apartment. it has 2 big bedrooms a huge kitchen a seperate dining room, a huge deck, AMAZING VIEW of the river big living room and a decent sized bathroom. my thing is, its old and rusty and dirty! i loed it but its old and everything 'looks' dirty and it would drive me nuts, the ceiling in the dining room is cracked, the cabinets are falling apart. but there are alot of cabinets. its more like a 4 plex. there are 2 staff members in 2 and 1 student in a 1 bedroom on at the top of the building. this might be our #2 choice because we dont' have to pay utilites here... only cable and internet. there is a washer and dryer in the basement that they share with 1 other apartment which wouldn't be bad!

#5 was SO BAD! it was SO SO SO tiny! they upstairs bedroom they converted into a office (dumb) then they put 2 bedrooms down stairs in the unfinishe sement basement! its so scarey down there. you have to walk through the kitchen to get downstairs. it was so bad! the kitchen was sooooooooo small, smaller than our current one and thats bad. you couldn't open the dishwasher and the stove at the same time. so so so bad! lol!

cupcakes version 2

So my coworker has a birthday today he's like 60 something but i like to bake so i made him army cupcakes (he's a prior infantry officer)

i used plain white frosting and then i dyed it green. then i just added chocolate sprinkles. Dollar tree army men that i washed off on top. I had to add frosting to the feet of the army men because they wouldn't stand up in the frosting already on the cupcakes. And it was just a simple devils food cupcake. They were nummy and fun to make

Its been a while

so its been a while since i've blogged. school is slowly devouring my soul. Soon i'll be a scholastic robot! Its taking forever for this term to be done. March can't get here fast enough. I get to register here soon for next term for my design classes which i really hope go well!! i'm nervous about them but i'm ready to be done with school. Next term will be the one year mark.
I took some new pictures on my way home!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008 3 comments


these are my lame attempt at football cupcakes. this wasn't my first choice. but i guess it works