Friday, February 24, 2012 0 comments

Its a vicious cycle.

I had a horrid night last night.
I came home with a migraine, ate took meds. waited 4 hours with little results. took more meds and couldn't take my anti-nausea meds (1 every 6 hours) and was miserable till i finally was able to sleep after 1am.

Then I woke up roughly at 7am when B came home.

I hate days like these. after a rough night

Its a vicious cycle.

I need to eat so I can take my meds, but my head hurts so bad that I can't eat at the moment because I know I will throw up. I  can only take my anti-nausea meds 1x every 6 hours, so if i take it now i won't be able to take another one till after 9:00 tonight. but if i don't take one now i won't be able to eat so I can take my meds.

nasty cycle of doom....
I would cry, but that would just intensify everything 10 fold. 

P.s. If you google images for 'migraine' various versions of this picture will appear

Why is this the image of migraines?
I can tell you that this is NOT what I look like when I have a migraine.

this image however is oddly accurate to how my migraines occur