Friday, August 13, 2010 1 comments

Wow, how time flys

I'm seriously amazed at how fast time is going right now. Less than a month before the Big Move. I'm really excited and nervous all at the same time.

Monday I have the Mover Coordinator coming by at 9am. (ugh). Then I need to talk to my dad and see whats going on with the drive down.

So.... here's the situation. I really really REALLY want to drive down by myself. its only 10 hours (via mapquest). I've done it with my dad before, only reverse, and we made it in 8.5.

But my parents want one of them to go with me and fly home.

B was on my side about this until recently. He thinks that I need to take our camping gear (inflatable bed) down with me so that when we get a place, we can go right in and not have to wait for our stuff.

He's afraid that all the stuff we won't allow the movers to take won't all fit in my car.
But i'm hoping it will.

So I have a Saturn Ion. here's what i'm taking with me on the drive
1) My hope chest
2) The filing cabinet
3) Both computers & my laptop
4) Camping gear
5) Clothes
6) Sammy

I really think I can fit all this in my car and drive down.

Who knows. I'm such a daddy's girl. I really really want to do this for me and my marriage. But on the flip side, I feel like I need to allow this to happen for my dad. I think he's having trouble letting me go. He's really been reaching out to me lately. I love him.

Its hard to decide.

Sunday, August 8, 2010 0 comments

Goodbyes & Beerflu

This weekend was my last drill with my unit up here. It was a bittersweet weekend. I couldn't come up with a more accurate word.

I'm so sad to leave the great friends and bonds I've formed over the years I've been up there.
Yet, I'm so excited for the next step in my life.
(right after we got home)

I have so many good friends up there. We deployed together, we went to annual tour together, we hung out. Its going to be hard to top this unit.
(waiting to get out of country)

(in Shannon, Ireland)

They took me out Saturday night.
We went to a local bar that I've been going to every drill since we moved up to the new base. I've gotten to become really close with the bartenders there. We even became Facebook friends (lol). I didn't pay for a single thing all night. They were amazing. When I finally left, I cried and gave them both big hugs. When your away from home, its nice to have a friendly face. They were great people.

Then came Sunday
I had a serious case of Beerflu Sunday morning.
I woke up Sunday... still drunk
I went back to sleep for an hour... still drunk
I took a shower to sober up... nope still drunk
I threw up...a lot... still drunk
I had my friend drive me on base... still drunk.

soooooooooooooooooo bad.

about 10 am I finally sobered up, and I totally skipped the hangover phase. I went from drunk, to a wee bit sick, to sober. It was AWESOME.

I'm pretty sad to leave, but I'm really excited.
Its all coming together. Its all wrapping up.

Thursday, August 5, 2010 0 comments

Oh for the love of pup's

Oh what a day I had. I've had some rough days since B left. But none (in my opinion) was more tasking than today.

This morning I wake up (before my alarm mind you) to my poor baby whimpering and whining. So I call for him to get up on the bed. I still have my eyes closed because I have another 10 min before my alarm goes off. I love my sleep, if I don't have to open my eyes, its not happening. My poor little guy tried to get up on the bed 4 times, before he jumped, failed, and yelps in pain. :(

So I pick him up, I talk to him (yeah, I'm pet that owner), and he was so sad looking.
I had a class today, which I had planned on skipping to take Sammy to the vet. But when I looked up the class calendar I saw I had a quiz. Well... fuck. I can't leave him alone. And I can't miss my class.

whats a girl to do!?! I call and wake up my daddy. hahahahahaha.

I told him what was going on and asked if he could watch SamJam for me. Of course he says yes.
On my way to campus, I called and made him an appointment at the vet @1230.

I went to class, took my quiz, and ducked out early to go pick up Sammy. When I got to my parents house he was just fine. my dad made him jump onto the Life-Force-Stealing Chair, and he was fine(this is when I think he over did it) but i took my dad's advice and called the vet and canceled my appointment.

I took him home. I let him down and out of the car, let him walk in the grass... then it became time to climb the stairs to our apartment. he made it about 2 steps before he stopped and cried.
So I carried him upstairs called the vet back, and told them I was bringing him in.

1230 rolls around and I take him in. I'm sitting in the vet room, and reading. Sam's curled up in my lap. The vet comes in and checks him out, there is seriously nothing physically wrong with him. I could have told you that (and i did tell her that). I looked him over, poked, pushed, prodded him before I even left for class. We talked over the options, and with her suggestions and the fact that I have drill this weekend, I decided to hand Sams over to her and let her do her tests.

4 hours later, I go to pick him up and talk to her about the results. It all looked "pretty normal" to use her words. He had "crystals" in his UA slides. And was walking normal. his blood work is normal.

Her diagnosis is that he's having some back issues. Which is really REALLY common in doxies.

So now he's on anti-inflammatory pills and is on strict kennel only instructions all weekends. I called my dad (they're babysitting him while I have drill) and told him to put up "The Cage". its a larger kennel that used to hold both my dad's doxies (with room to spare). I'll have to take pictures of him when I drop him off. Its a lot of room for him to walk around in. Yet, not enough space to hurt himself.

the vet said no: running, jumping, climbing, rough housing with other dog, no playing, no going up or down stairs, etc. Basically he's grounded to his kennel other than when my dad takes him out (carries him) to go potty.

Hopefully he's better when i get home Sunday night. everyone say a puppy prayer today.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 2 comments

And the packing begins

Today my Ma and I went to Hades (aka Walmart). I spent $103 and some cents on Rubbermaid containers. I got 2 humongous containers (1 for my shoes lol), and 4 large containers. Then I got 2 smaller ones. 1 for my spices and 1 for all of Sammy's gear.

Tonight I felt like I really needed to get something done. I needed to start something, pack something, do something. So, I started with my shoes. I should have taken a before picture of the shoe rack we had in my apartment.

Let me break this down for you all. I seriously live in a 560 sq.ft. apartment and I have a LOT of shoes. You do the math. Small apartment + lots of shoes = ....... ::waits for responses::

yep, that's right folks. I had a HUMONGO shoe rack.

Because I have a slight (read: insanely huge) problem with OCD, I wrapped each pair in a plastic garbage sack. See, I recycle. I got about 70% of them wrapped and packed. I would have packed 90% of my shoes, but I ran out of sacks. I'm glad I got the large Rubbermaid container (with wheels) because it was HEAVY! My plan is to wrap and pack all shoes except for my work out sneakers and flip flops. I live in flip flops in the summer. If I could, I'd be barefoot all day everyday.

(this is Mariah Carey's Closet... that lucky whore)

So that brought an end to that. I FB'd my mom and asked her to round up all her sacks, so i can finish. After I ran out, I took down the shoe rack. I asked B if he thought we should keep it, he said no. But its still in really good condition, So i took it a part, wrapped it up, and put it in the shoe box.

This is becoming all the more real.
I can't wait!
If I could totally be a professional mover.... on second thought. Maybe not.
Tuesday, August 3, 2010 0 comments

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

It has been roughly 70 days since I said "See You Later" to my amazing husband!
I have approximately 40 days until I get to see him again. WHOA Dude.

Sometimes I miss him more than I thought was physically possible. But I know that there are a lot of other woman out there going through the same thing, been through the same thing, and have been apart much much MUCH longer than this. I pull from their strength to get through this.

I have seriously so much to do before we see each other.
Oh for the love of the military wives everywhere. hahaha.

I get to:
  • Pack up our entire apartment
  • Get all the move paperwork done
  • Supervise the packer
  • Supervise the movers
  • Get the car weighed empty
  • Pack all the 'non-ship' stuff in my little bitty car
  • Pack my stuff
  • Get the car weighed full
  • Pack the pupster & me in the car and drive the 10 hours down to where he'll be.


I really feel like this drive will be the next chapter of our lives. Its definably the start of the next chapter of my life. I am so excited.

My parents keep trying to convince me that I need to let one of them drive down with me. To be honest, I really want to do this step alone. I may be young to some, but I've lived the life people 2x my age could only dream of. I need to do this for ME. I need to do this for me ALONE! Bless their hearts for worrying about me, but this is something I need to do on my own.

Monday, August 2, 2010 0 comments

Holy Ouch

So the spot on my leg is healing nicely. I over did it on Saturday, but its closing and healing perfectly.

But.... holy band aid burn. owie.

Because of the sensitive area its in, there's a very limited amount of 'arrangements' you can place a band aid.

Tonight i saw that it had closed up enough to switch to a smaller size.

I actually peeled up a piece of skin along with the band aid.

I need a band aid for the spot that i had a bandaid. hahahahaaha.

I have NO Idea how I'm going to be able to wear pants tomorrow. jeebus....
I'm going to have to wear my ultra fat pants tomorrow.

Not fun my friends, not fun at all..