Friday, August 13, 2010

Wow, how time flys

I'm seriously amazed at how fast time is going right now. Less than a month before the Big Move. I'm really excited and nervous all at the same time.

Monday I have the Mover Coordinator coming by at 9am. (ugh). Then I need to talk to my dad and see whats going on with the drive down.

So.... here's the situation. I really really REALLY want to drive down by myself. its only 10 hours (via mapquest). I've done it with my dad before, only reverse, and we made it in 8.5.

But my parents want one of them to go with me and fly home.

B was on my side about this until recently. He thinks that I need to take our camping gear (inflatable bed) down with me so that when we get a place, we can go right in and not have to wait for our stuff.

He's afraid that all the stuff we won't allow the movers to take won't all fit in my car.
But i'm hoping it will.

So I have a Saturn Ion. here's what i'm taking with me on the drive
1) My hope chest
2) The filing cabinet
3) Both computers & my laptop
4) Camping gear
5) Clothes
6) Sammy

I really think I can fit all this in my car and drive down.

Who knows. I'm such a daddy's girl. I really really want to do this for me and my marriage. But on the flip side, I feel like I need to allow this to happen for my dad. I think he's having trouble letting me go. He's really been reaching out to me lately. I love him.

Its hard to decide.



W said...

That is a hard decision. If you want, it sounds like most of those things can be carried out already just to see if it'll all fit. Then you know before you have to pack it all up whether it'll fit in one car or not.

P.S. Less than a month!!!