Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long Time No Post

So the big moved got pushed up.

I'm currently sitting in California!!!!!!

We not only got out moved pushed up over a week. but they did a pack AND move in 1 day (14 hours mind you!)

It was a chaotic hecktic week to say the least.

30th - monday- got back from family vacation. I spent time with my little brother and mom at my aunts lake house. My dad was in southern california officiating a wedding for my cousin.

31st - Tuesday - Architectural Graphics final presentation

1st - Wednesday - Packers come. find out today that they're packing and moving TODAY. In one day (instead of three days). Made a bunch of phone calls, changed reservations, called relatives and informed everyone about the change in dates and moved my drive from saturday to friday.

2nd - Thursday - finished all the last minute stuff. emailed my final project to my teacher for Computer Drafting class. hung out with BFF A and awesome godson Dom. Treated B's awesome dad to lunch and he helped me pick out a GPS system.

3rd - Friday - Left for cali - I meant to leave at 7 am. I went to my parents house to say goodbye one last time and then when I went to drive off, my mom saw a fresh spill of oil and told me to come back. Come to find out, when i had my car serviced (on tuesday btw) they cracked the o-ring on my oil filter. I went to the shop and sat there. they opened at 8am. one of the guys showed up at 7:20 to open. He asked how I was doing, and I told him what was going on. He said he'd open it up right quick, clear out a bay, and get me in. I was in the shop and out in less than 10 min. In the mean time my mom brought me starbucks and breakfast (lord love her). I was on the road by 8am and on the freeway by 830.

At the half way mark I stopped at a rest stop to let sammy out of the car to stretch, pee, etc. and..... I locked my keys in my car. I called our insurance people and wouldn't you know it, we had emergency roadside assistance. I didn't know that. The insurance guy had to call a sister agency down where I was, and get a recommendation on a shop to come help me. The guy showed up in 20 min and I was on the road in less than 45 min. I made it down here by 5:45. I got checked into our room and was crashed out at 9:30. it was a long day. driving for 10 hours takes a lot out of you.

4th - Saturday - I picked up my AWESOME husband at the airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after 5 months apart he was a sight for sore eyes. It was an amazing feeling. It was the first time I had been the one waiting at the Airport. Normally, I'm the one on the plane. I didn't realize I would be that nervous. I was texting a fellow military wife, she told me it was normal. Weird feeling though.

but I'm here, we're here. We're safe and sound.

I'll post more later. but i'll let you all digest the week i just had. I know i need to digest it too.


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