Friday, September 10, 2010

Road Trippin!

I would like to preface this post with:
1) yes I know its illegal to text/talk on the phone and drive
2) yes I know its dangerous
3) yes I know its a bad habit.

there. are we good now? okay then.

So On my trip down I decided to chronicle my trip with a photo every hour.
I sent them to my best friends so that they could feel included.

0830 - Just outside Westlinn, OR (aprox. 30 min. on the road)

0930 - Somewhere between Salem & Eugene, OR

1030 - NO IDEA where the heck I am. The last sign said Drain, OR

1130 - Just south of Roseburg, OR

1230 - Just North of Grants Pass, OR
(this is also RIGHT before I locked by keys in the car at the random rest stop)

1330 - First Look At California!!!!

1430 - Just outside of Redding, CA

1530 - Lake Shasta, CA

1630 - NO idea where I am, I just know that I'm getting close

1745 - FINALLY on base!!!!!

I have a couple more pictures that I will post later.
These are all cell phone pics so there not the best quality. But they do the job!!!