Saturday, September 11, 2010

The more things change, The more they stay the same

So I was reminded today about the circle of life in the world of the military.

A fellow blogger Chelle @ The Winey Mommy said good bye to her husband today. She sent him off to serve his country and do is duty. It breaks my heart and makes me thank the lord, that at the moment I have my husband.

Its kind of interesting, like the world wanted me to realize how lucky I was. I happen to log on to blogger minutes after she had posted on her blog about saying good bye.

I had been complaining to my friends via texts that i was trying to 'sweat my way to a better mood' in the gym. I was upset with B about something really really really stupid and petty this morning. I left the gym still feeling cruddy and now I felt cruddy and sore. When I logged on and saw her post I got out of that mood pretty darn quick. Nothing snaps you out of a cruddy mood here faster than seeing a fellow military wife lose half her heart.

And I also fine it at no coincidence that today is also the 9th anniversary of 9/11. Sometimes its easy to lose focus on what is important in life and what you should be thankful for. But today... today I was reminded of how lucky I am. I hope on a day like today, that has forever changed many lives, I hope you all stay thankful.

I hope you all hug your loved ones a little more securely tonight.
I hope you all thank the lord for the breath you take and the kisses you get.
I hope you all are snuggled down with the loved ones you have (may they be 2 legged or 4)
I hope you all remember
I hope you all stay thankful.