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And I just realized we have 2 schedule conflicts.

1) B comes home the day I leave. What do I do with sammy? Do I take him with me (an option)? board him for the day? Leave him in his kennel and pray B isn't delayed?

2) my inspection falls right when we wanted to go home on leave. Fuck. Do I find a replacement to do my portion of the inspection & commit social status suicide? Does B go home alone? Do we not go at all? Again, what happens to sammy?

B's going to be really upset about this when I tell him.

I want to cry.
This sucks do much

Also, here's a picture from B's promotion ceremony on Tuesday.

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This week....

This week has been long.

I'm counting down the days till graduation.

But... The closer graduation comes, the closer B is to leaving. Trying to soak up as much time as I can.

My family is coming into town. I can't wait.

Its going to be a long summer, but an even longer winter.

It goes a bit like this:
- I graduate
- B leaves
- he comes home & works 3 out of the 5 days he is home
- B leaves again
- comes home
- I  leave
- our anniversary
- 'supposed' to take leave for B'd birthday.
- I leave
- I come home
- might go home for leave
- bri deploys

Here's what happened this week in instagram:

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The Good, The Bad, The Not-So-Friendly

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What I've been up too...

So I knew when i registered for this term and bit the bullet of the course load that It would be tough. but phew..... what a roller coaster.

I love my classes, but they are an "event". Its a marathon of assignments, work, personalities, lectures, drawings, research, and a lot of snark (mostly from me). One of my favorite Prof. called me "Snarky spice" a couple weeks ago. If the shoe fits... wear it. hahaha.

I feel like I am finally coming into my own. I have friends at school, which I didn't think would happen. Not because they're awful, but I am socially awkward and a bit abrasive at times (to put it mildly). But I am really enjoying a lot of peoples personalities and ideas. I mean, don't get me wrong there are a couple of people I want to throat punch so they can still function and be in class, but are unable to speak. I mean if you are in a design class and have to ask what a "diagonal line" is, you're in the wrong profession.

But, back to my main point. When we moved down here I was really afraid of not finding people I clicked with, but this year it all clicked into place. I know my stuff in these classes, I do my work, I do the research and back work, and people seem to notice which is nice. There are people who message me on facebook and email to get my opinions and to ask questions because they know i'll respond before the Prof.

One of our Prof has a different teaching style (to say the least). But he and I speak the same language. So after class or even in class (via Facebook) I more or less 'translate' for him. haha. I wish I was lying, but its true. The students in this class have this need to have all expectations and guidelines for each and every assignment spelled out for them. Unfortunately, in that thought process they make some assignments much more difficult than they really are. So I kind of play the in between, I know i probably shouldn't, but I feel bad.

Oh, and I got really good news.....
::drum roll:


I graduate May 16th!

I can't freaking wait!

I have been going to school off and on for this degree since 2007. Thank you Uncle Sam for the severe delay. but I can't freaking wait!!!

Oh, I wanted to show you some of my designs I have been working on.