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I think I'm learning

So as you all probably have come to know i have a bad bad habit of finding friends who are needy and use me.

I know i do it, I don't mean too. but I do.

So I made a friend down here. She lives on base and is in my unit. I think i've talked about her before.

Anways. to the point of this post...

We have been dieting, working out, and basically spending a lot of time together. I invited her, her husband, and her daughter over for christmas dinner several weeks ago. She said she'd come and even offered to bring over green bean casserole.

So christmas keeps coming closer and we're shopping for food. I buy a 14lb turkey to feed us 5 (and have extra in case bri had a couple coworkers who wanted to come). I buy all the fixens as well. the only thing she had to do was do what she said, and show up. We kept talking about how happy I am that they are coming because it is my first holiday with out my family. Christmas is always a big holiday with my family so I would really enjoy the company to ease the blow a bit, you know?

Christmas eve I text her to tell her about what time we'll eat. She texts me back at 8pm on christmas eve saying she's not coming because her husband doesn't want to.

I was SO upset. B was mad. He actually told me to not bring her around for a long time because he won't be able to filter his feelings.

I know that this is setting a presidence for future behavior in this relationship. and i'm just ducking out now.

I have to be friendly with her because we're on the booster club together and we're in the same unit. but i'm just done with friendships like this.

my feelings are still really hurt. I know i'm probably going a little over board, but I just can't take on another needy and use-y friend

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So Rotty, What did you do this weekend?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked.

I watched 28 woman pee! Aren't you jealous!?

::slams forehead into stall door::

The conversation goes

Me: Step into my office :snaps rubber gloves & opens bathroom door:
Me: Place the small bottle on the sink and take the large one in with you
Pee Person: Wow, you're job sucks.
Me: You think?
Pee Person: :laughs: this is embarrassing
Me: Its not that bad. ::starts talking about something other than them urinating::
Pee Person: ::pees:: ::tries to hide the smile on their face::
Me: place the cup on the floor where I can see it.
Pee Person: ::Buttons up uniform::
Me: take the big bottle, pour it into the small bottle and seal tight. if you need to wash your hands, you can only use water.
Pee Person: ONLY WATER? why is that?
Me: I don't know, I'm just following the rules.
Pee Person: Why don't you know?
Me: Um... I don't work here. I just got volun-told to do this yesterday.
Pee Person: that sucks

This same senerio happened all 28 times.

It wasn't bad until I had to watch my supervisor pee. THAT was awk.ward.

man. i watched people pee for 3 hours. interesting, but not fun.

There was supposed to be 2 female observer's and 3 male observer's.

unfortunately, the other female has a UIF (unfavorable information file) so she couldn't observe.

So all the female pee watching was left for me! OMG!

I had 4 beers last night. I was EXHAUSTED!

There was the first woman who had to pee so bad that she peed on her hand.

There was the pregnant chick who had the clearest pee of them all.

There was the hungover chick who's pee was orange ::gag::

There was the woman who told me she thought she was pregnant, but didn't want it to happen right now because she was trying to time it around our next inspection so she didn't have to go.

There was the deliriously tired woman who i honestly had to tell her step by step how to do it. no joke.

There was the tiny chick who was so afraid of the toilet seat that she pee'd on it. She was trying to hold her self off the seat by using the hand rail (I had them use the handicap stall so they had more room) and she ended up turning her but towards the cup. and she pee'd on the seat.

it was an interesting day to say the least.

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Massive Book Review

Its been a while since I did a book review (by a while I mean over a year).

These are the Series & Books I've read recently

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

This book was good. but was hard to get into. I really enjoyed it once it was all done, but didn't rush out to get the next one right away.

It is a good story line and has an interesting twist. I'm sticking with my normal go to books and this is about werewolves. It adds a different twist to the normal 'werewolves story'.

The end of the book did leave me hanging, I do plan on reading the next book. But, I'm in no hurry to buy it.

Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner

My mother gave me this book (and the second California Demon). But to be totally honest. I couldn't finish it. I tried! I really did! I took it everywhere with me. but It just couldn't keep my interest.

The story line is about a retired demon hunter who is forced out of retirement due to an increase of demon activity. It sounded good in theory, but I just couldn't make it through.

Thirst by Christopher Pike

This book sounded soooooooooooooo interesting. I had been looking forward to reading these books for the longest time.

MAN was I disappointed.

I forced myself to finish book 1, which included The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice.

I bought the book 2, which has the stories Phantom, Evil Thirst, Creatures of Forever. I couldn't finish it. Could NOT! The plot line is so dry. The story just drug on forever and ever. I still have them and will probably try to get through it again, because I do want to know what happened to the characters.

Blue Bloods series by Melissa De La Cruz

I can not say enough good things about this series. I'm so in love with these books. I first read them when I was flying home from Iraq. I was looking forward to them so much, that I saved them for the long ass plane ride home.

I don't want to give a lot away. but this is a vampire story with a good twist to the typical plot.

There are 2 books out now that fall with in this series.
Misguided Angel & Key to the Repository (which is a bio book). I'm so excited to get these books. I love love love this series.

House of Night series by P.C & Kristin Cast

Again, this is another series I absolutely LOVE.

I just finished the 7th book, Burned.

I highly recommend these books.
They are another vampire series. Its about a girl (Zoey) who has been marked to be a vampire. It is an interesting twist to the typical young vampire story. Zoey has powers far beyond her own imagination.

Each book leaves you aching for more. These are good easy reads and it is not odd for me to finish one of these books in 1 day. 2 days tops!

There are 7 books in the series
1) Marked, 2) Betrayed, 3) Chosen, 4) Untamed, 5) Hunted 6) Tempted, 7) Burned, 8) Awakened (available Jan 4, 2011).

Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris
(dead in the family & a touch of dead)

If I had a dollar for every person I got addicted to this series, I'd be a rich woman. These books are SO GOOD. These books are much more adult than the other books I have read. These are not for the faint of heart of the pure of body (if you catch my drift). I often refer to these books (among others) as vampire smut. So good at being sooo bad.

This book was good, but there have been better. Honestly, I had to go read the blurb about it on amazon in order to remember exactly what happened in this book.

I feel like the author has been pressured to put out these books a little bit quicker now that they're so popular. I would rather wait and have her come out with an OUTSTANDING story, then get the book sooner and have it just be okay. But I have never once regretted reading a story in this series, nor have I ever had any problems finishing them.

I highly highly highly recommend these books.
this is book is #10.
There is a companion book coming out in Feb 2011. but book #11 has yet to be announced. After doing some research I found that the title of Book #11 is Dead Reckoning, and is due to be released May 3rd, 2011. (I know what I'm getting my mom for mothers day!)

Evernight Series by Claudia Gray

It took me a while to warm up to these books. The first book took a little while to get into.

These books follow a girl named Bianca as her parents move to become teaches at a prestigious boarding school. She knows something is wrong with this school, but can't quite put her finger on it. You follow her story as she finds out about her parents, her self, and her past!

I really enjoyed these books. The next book in the series Afterlife, is due to be release March 8, 2011. And I WILL be buying this book ASAP! After the way the last one ended, I can't wait to get my hands on the 4th book.

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

This is another series that took me a little bit to get into. Trust me when I say, if you can make it through the 1st book you will NOT regret it.

I feel like you can really feel the author mature in her writing as the series progresses.

I have only read the first 4 books (pictured). I was unaware until tonight that the 5th book has been released and the 6th book has been announced.

Book #5 - Spirit Bound - will soon be in my hands
Book #6 - Last Sacrafice - is due to be released December 7th.

These books follow Rose. She's half human & half vampire. She's supposed to be being trained to be a guardian to the vampires. Book #4 has by far been my favorite of the series. So, I really can't wait to read Book #5.

Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

If I could stand on a soap box and profess my love for these books I would. I'd wear a sandwich board, ring a bell, and sing. No joke!

These books came recommended from a friend. but the story line didn't really catch my interest. So I put it off and put it off. Finally about 2 weeks ago I was in Target with another friend and the 1st book was 30% off. So I bought it. I read the first book in less than 20 hours and was in desperate need for the second and 3rd books. Thank the lord they were already out.

These books are set in a post-apocalyptic US. They follow a young girl named Katniss Everdeen. I could go on and on about these books, but because they are so fresh in my mind I don't want to give to much away. I am telling you go out and buy these books! You will not regret it!!!

The third and final book leaves a little to be desired. but with it being the final book, the author did need to tie up some loose ends. I do like the way it ended. I'm really glad she include the epilogue, because with out it I would have been REALLY mad.

Please go buy these books. So worth it.

Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Crane

This is another series I'm in love with.

I recently gave the first 3 books to a new friend and I got a panicked text message asking if i had the next book. hahahaha.

these books are short easy reads. but sooooooo jam packed with information, suspense, and an amazing story each time.

The story of the Morganville Vampires stars Clair Danvers. In the first book she's just a young college student being bullied by the popular girl and desperate to get out of campus living. Soon she realizes that this small campus town has way more going on than anyone would have guessed.

these books are one long story split into several books. There are 9 so far
1) Glass house, 2) Dead girls dance, 3) Midnight Alley, 4) Feast of fools, 5) Lord of Misrule, 6) Carpe Corpus, 7) Fade out, 8) Kiss of death, 9) Ghost town (just released).

I was not aware that Ghost Town was out. So I will be making a trip to borders ASAP! I really enjoy these books probably more than I should.

Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

These books are... interesting. They're about a girl who doesn't know how special she is until she see's something she shouldn't.

These books are about a paranormal protection society. They are around to protect the human race from the demon race.

These books are really really good! I was really impressed. I picked them up on a whim one day at the book store. I judged the book by its cover and boy was I impressed. I had no preconceived notions about these books.

I really enjoyed the story line of these books. They weren't my typical stories I go for. And honestly were the first 'non vampire' book I read in a long time. They sort of broke me out of the vampire only fascination I had going on.

I was surprised to learn that there will be a book 4!! I'm so excited.
Book #4: City of Fallen Angels is due to be released April 5, 2011. The cover won't even be released till December.

I have started a new book (only 1 chapter in, started it last night) called Clockwork Angel, The Infernal Devices Series. It is the same idea as the Mortal instruments series and by the same author. I had to force myself to go to sleep last night. I'm already hooked.

After doing some web research, there are 2 more books due to be released in the the Infernal Devices series.
Clockwork Prince is due September 2011
Clockwork Princess is due November/December 2012

Lover Mine by JR ward
Blackdagger Brotherhood Series

This is another series that I have gotten everyone addicted to!

Remember earlier when we were talking about vampire smut... this is the first place runner for vampire smut.

This series is about a vampire brotherhood who protect the human race against all demons and evil creatures.

I can not say enough amazing things about this series. Seriously! Buy them, Read them, go have hot sex, and love them.

You will want to jump your significant other like you have no idea after reading these books.
Each book follows one of the brothers. They all have the predictable story line. Brother is out fighting, brother finds a love, brother wants love, brother can't be with love, brother fights, brother gets love in the end and has hot vampire sex.
But even though the story line is predictable, the author switches it up enough to make it so you don't want to put the books down.

this is book #8.

Book #9: Lover Unleashed is due to be released March 29th, 2011. Happy late birthday to me!

I am a huge book lover and Love to read. There are so many books on my wish list right now, I think if i print it off amazon its about 10 pages long.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments let me know!

Enjoy your hot vampire smut!


30 days of Thankful in November

20. At this moment, I am thankful for the fact that my cough syrup is working for the time being.

19. I am thankful for my amazing bed for which I spent All day in.

18. I am thankful for the road I've taken in life. With out all those speed bumps, detours, and construction I wouldn't be where I am now.

17. I'm thankful my husband is an RN. Because I am seriously way to accident prone to be married to anyone else. ::coughs::

16. Today I am thankful for my amazing puppy Sammy. Sometimes I don't know where I'd be in life with out him.

15. I'm thankful for being home. I'm thankful for being able to spend my night with my husband.

14. I'm thankful for my health. A night in the ER will make someone happy to be alive

13. I'm thankful to be able to spend over 12 hours in Disneyland today.

12. I'm thankful for 0 traffic in my 8 hour drive south to Disneyland. BTW the best time to drive through LA is at 2am.

11. I'm thankful for a dear friend who's no longer in pain. RIP Dale, you will be missed, but im thankful you're in peace.

10.I'm thankful for all the Marines I know! Happy Birthday guys!!!!

9.I'm thankful for my bed. (silly, yes. but i'm exhausted)

8. I'm thankful for having internet!!

7. I'm thankful for the blazers and that i get to watch them from my couch.

6. I'm thankful for Diet Coke. weird... yes, but I love me some Diet Coke

5. I'm truly thankful for my wonderful little puppy Sammy. even when he's stinky he's pretty perfect.

4.I'm thankful for my fellow military members who are currently deployed. I wish I was there with you guys!

3.I'm so thankful for my family. Even though I'm several hundred miles away, I love them ever more.

2. I'm thankful for Amazing friends. Be them near or far.

1.I am amazingly thankful for my husband. There are no words to express how much I love this man. I am so lucky to have him in my life!

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Oh how I love

Random kitchen gadgets! Actually love does not even begin to cover it.

Let me share some of my recent finds.

Mini Cupcake Maker
I would seriously have this running 24/7

Giant Beer Glass
(I'll need 2! one for me and one for B)

This is awesome, but i'm not sure how easy it would be to flip and keep the shape

This looks so yummy and interesting!

I know a couple of kids (and by that i mean adults) that would LOVE this for a cake

I love wine... and I love to cook. This is PERFECT

ABC Cookie cutters
I love these and their sad faces.

And the 1 thing that brought about this whole post

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30 days of being thankful in November

15. I'm thankful for being home. I'm thankful for being able to spend my night with my husband.

14. I'm thankful for my health. A night in the ER will make someone happy to be alive

13. I'm thankful to be able to spend over 12 hours in Disneyland today.

12. I'm thankful for 0 traffic in my 8 hour drive south to Disneyland. BTW the best time to drive through LA is at 2am.

11. I'm thankful for a dear friend who's no longer in pain. RIP Dale, you will be missed, but im thankful you're in peace.

10.I'm thankful for all the Marines I know! Happy Birthday guys!!!!

9.I'm thankful for my bed. (silly, yes. but i'm exhausted)

8. I'm thankful for having internet!!

7. I'm thankful for the blazers and that i get to watch them from my couch.

6. I'm thankful for Diet Coke. weird... yes, but I love me some Diet Coke

5. I'm truly thankful for my wonderful little puppy Sammy. even when he's stinky he's pretty perfect.

4.I'm thankful for my fellow military members who are currently deployed. I wish I was there with you guys!

3.I'm so thankful for my family. Even though I'm several hundred miles away, I love them ever more.

2. I'm thankful for Amazing friends. Be them near or far.

1.I am amazingly thankful for my husband. There are no words to express how much I love this man. I am so lucky to have him in my life!

"What did you do to yourself THIS time?"

So Thursday night I started getting sick.

Friday I was feeling crummy, but not to bad. I drove the whole way down to disneyland. My Sister and Law have had this trip planned for WEEKS. So there was no way I was going to back out.

after a long long long day Saturday I felt like warmed poop. So instead of spending a half day in the park and then driving home. We just decided to go home.

My SIL drove the way home, which is really good. She took me on base, and dropped me off at the hospital. I went up and saw bri working, then went down and admitted myself to the ER.

The doc listened to my lungs and didn't like it.
2 IV drips, and 4 chest scans later.... I'm home.
I'm exhausted
I'm Sore. The med-tech blew the vein in my left arm and I already have a sizable bruise.

I have bronchitis, lyringitis, and viral syndrom.

This is where they put the IV. Also, Not so fun. it hurt so bad.
This is the arm that they blew the vein in. HOLY OUCH btw!!
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30 days of being thankful in November

A friend of mine posted this on FB. I thought it would be nice to keep a list here as well

Day 1) I am amazingly thankful for my husband. There are no words to express how much I love this man. I am so lucky to have him in my life!

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As you know

I've started 2 other blogs.

I have been working really hard at trying to bake something fresh and healthy for B to eat in the morning, and something hearty and warm for him to eat at night when he comes home.

He works 12-14 hour days, its the least I can do.

So I added buttons to the right side of the page. Check it out.!!

The Freebie blog... that ones just for fun! :)

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Menu Planning Monday... on a tuesday

Yesterday was kind of chaotic, So I had to put off the post till today.

So In addition to my new coupon obsession fascination hobby, I've started doing a weekly menu plan.

I plan the days roughly, but they are interchangeable. say for instance my loving husband who on Sunday didn't have an opinion now has an opinion on say... Wednesday, I can switch it up.

I try and plan 1 day where there can be a 'left over' day, or a day where we can go out. but I do try to make sure that there is a meal planned each day. I also take into account the weather temperature, and if B works or not. I like to have something hearty on the days he works that allows for some left overs for the next day.

So this week I decided on:

Sunday - Tacos - No work
Monday - Crock-pot Salsa Chicken - Works
80* - Tuesday - Zesty Beef Casserole - Works
80* - Wednesday - Chicken & Rice - Works
70* - Thursday - Chicken Noodle Soup - I work he's off - so this my switch
66* - Friday - Turkey meat loaf - I work he's off - so this will switch
72* - Saturday - Stuffed peppers - He works (This was on my meal plan last week, but we didn't make it)

This is the second week I've been doing this. I hope that after I stock up on the 'essentials' I can cut our shopping bill drastically.

I love it.... I love to be in control.

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Grocery Shopping Sunday

So I have been trying to do all my grocery shopping at the beginning of the week.

I had the absolutely WORST experience of all time at Winco today. To the point I called my mom in tears to vent my frustrations. And I can promise you I will NEVER step foot in that Winco ever again.

Apparently the Winco here has a no printed (aka online) coupon policy. I was not aware of this.
So that completely screwed me. All the other stores I've been to accept them, so i wasn't prepared for this.

So I had to put stuff back. non necessities had to go back. It was mostly Pillsbury biscuits and cookie mix

She made me feel like the lowest form of life because I had to put stuff back. I was mortified by how she was treating me

Then she was talking to the checker behind me instead of ringing my stuff up.

Then her and some other worker rolled their eyes and huffed at the amount of stuff I had to go back. She then said. "well... now I have to get an over ride because of all the stuff YOU had me void".

I felt SO embarrassed.

FWD: To Monday...

I called Winco and told them what had happened. I explained my story, why I had to put stuff back, why I was unaware of their policy, etc.

The manager seemed very apologetic and said she would up channel my complaint to her manager.

I will never go back to that Winco EVER again.

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Officer's wife

I know those words together kind of rub enlisted wives raw. but I promise you, this isn't going to be the post your thinking its going to be. So pardon my crudeness, but get the sand out of your who-ha and relax a bit

I grew up in the military. My dad served in the USAF for 33 years. Some of it was active duty, most was reserves. I knew from a young age that if I was physically able, I would join. And by young I mean... I told my parents at 3 or 4 that I wanted to be like daddy. So when I graduated and told them I was joining it was no surprise to them.

I always knew I was going to marry a military man. Its not that there's anything wrong with civilian men, but they just don't get 'it'.

I grew up very differently than most kids. Most kids don't make 90* corners on their beds or learn how to fold their shirts into 4" x 4" squares. This was an every day occurrence in my child hood.

My mother's dad (whom I regretfully never met) was an old marine drill sergeant.
My Father's dad was an old army officer.

I'm 3rd generation military and I am PROUD of it.

My Uncle served in 2 wars
My Dad served in 1 war
My grandfather wouldn't speak of what he went though
My Mom's brother (my other uncle) was in so many wars that he doesn't talk about his military career at all. Somethings are just to tough to talk about. I think that's why he has so many issues with me... but that's a story for another day.

Civilian guys (in my opinion) have a hard time understanding military woman. and the same goes for the other way around. again... i'll reserve that story for another day.

I dated several civilians but it never worked out. I would get deployed, they would cheat. I would get extended, they would get they're thong's in a twist and demand I come home. Same story different person.

But when I imagined my life, I thought I would be married to an enlisted guy. A down and dirty, work for a living, come home stanky, enlisted man. Yes... Yes... I know, all enlisted guys aren't like that. but that's what I pictured.

And I did for the most part. I married an enlisted man.... who became an officer.

Now there's a fine line of fraternization between enlisted and officers. Officer's aren't supposed to hang out with enlisted and visa versa. And forget about dating, that is a bad area you do not want to get into. If its a unit event, or during work hours, its not as bad. but off duty, at a bar... NO GO! Do not pass go, do not collect 200.00. no ma'am.

So I'm kind of in an odd place right now.

I am enlisted. I love my job. I love my people. I love what I do. I work for a living, I work hard, And I work well.

But I'm married to an officer.... WHOA! yeah... an enlisted woman is married to a male officer.

I know its not that big of a deal for him, because I am reserves. but for me. I'm in this odd limbo state.

I can't hang out with the female officers that he works with... unless he's around.
I can't make friends with his friends because of this.
I can make friends with my other enlisted people
but he cant' hang out with only enlisted.

So I'm in this weird place. Its hard to put into the right words... its just weird.

Also, I have this stereotype of Officer's Wives in my head. I picture them as the 'step-ford' wife of the military. and I know that sounds derogatory, but I mean it as a compliment.

I picture officer wives as this picturesque wife. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect clothes, perfect makeup, perfect body, Perfect... I could go on, but i think you get the picture.

So I feel this Drive to be *that* wife. And I think its kind of draining on me.
I don't know how to quite express all the mixed emotions that i have right now. but that is why I have this blog, separate from my other blogs.

This is a place for me to come, vent, and sometimes (more times than not) not make sense.

I really have no where to go with this post
I just really needed to get that out.
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Its about to start...

So B and I have been in this perfect little bubble here.

We only have to talk to family via phone/text/email/snail mail

But at the end of the month B's oldest sister is coming into town. I'm SO excited. And I can say that honesty and un-sarcastically.

I really enjoy his oldest sister, we have similar senses of humor and similar outlooks on life (and the rest of the family). B is a little reserved around her because of their family past, but i can't help it, I heart the girl. And for the reasons that B is reserved, I can't fault either of them. A hard life growing up effects people differently.

She'll be in-town (1 hour away) for some work related things for about a month. I'm hoping that the 3 of us, or maybe even just her and I will get to hang out on the weekends and go out and do things.

Then on the 24th of November my family is driving down for thanksgiving. I'm so so so excited. but also very nervous.

With B's sister, She'll have her own apartment and won't be spending every night with us.

With my family, they can't afford a hotel room. So They're staying here. I'm so excited to see my family, but at the same time, I'm worried.

Just like most people and they're in-laws B can only take my family in SMALL doses. And I get that, I feel the same way about his family... and often my own.

My parents and little brother will be here for 4 days. They drive down the night of the 24th and then leave the afternoon of the 28th.

I'm really excited that there will be people here, I LOVE to entertain. I can't wait for people to be here.

I don't forsee B's dad being very far behind my parents (maybe even before) in the come to visit line.

I love love love love love B's dad. He's a funny, down to earth, OCD man after my own heart.
I really hope he comes down to visit OFTEN.

he's all alone up there. B's dad and mom got divorced when B was pretty young. And B's grandpa died shortly after we got together. B's dad also doesn't talk to his sister much at all, so its just him and his select few friends.

I hope he can come down. I'd LOVE to have him here for thanksgiving. That would be awesome!

Hotel De' Rotty is officially open for business i guess.


Friday Fill-Ins... on a saturday

1. My favorite month is December because I love warm sweaters, fall boots, warm coffee and tea, and my ultimate favorite BAKING.

2. I love the smell of a fresh breeze.

3. I love to sniff post its (yeah, i know i'm weird).

4. Breakfast Burritos is what I like to have as a treat for breakfast.

5. The hobby I enjoy most is blogging (at the moment)!

6. I am part of 7 blogs... oh my!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to looking up recipies and planning meals for this week, tomorrow my plans include grocery shopping and Monday, I want to work on the back yard!

I love Friday Fill Ins

I may be in love with this

Journey - Don t Stop Believin Boyce Avenue piano acoustic cover

I know it doesn't fit the screen, but oh the voice.
I love this song.

I had to share it with you all.
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I told you so

So I've really been getting into this whole couponing and freebie business. I've been scoping out a lot of sites and really doing my research.

I EVEN made a coupon BINDER! **collective gasp in awe**

So a couple days ago I posted a bunch of freebie stuff on my facebook page. I guess it clogged a couple of my friends reader board, and I got some complaints.

So I decided to start a coupon and freebie blog for my friends and family.

I thought that I would share what I found with the rest of my friends and family. I thought, If i like this, they'll like this.

and so

Rotty's Freebie & Coupon blog was born.

I'm having a lot of fun doing it. I'm really not doing it at the moment to put all the deals in the world up there.

I just spend a lot of time going through the blogs and feeders for freebies and coupons that I would use, So why not share them.

and now they can see them all in one place instead of a bunch of links on my face book page.

Saturday, October 2, 2010 0 comments

Its the small things in life...

So B and I both have our own offices now. We'll be in the same house, just feet apart and spend hours by ourselves. Me with my design work, pictures, coupons, blogs, facebook. Him with his NBA2K10, His FPS games, his research, and NBA draft picks.

But just now I was sitting here getting my fix of crack (aka frontierville and farmville) and he came in and pullled my chair back a bit kissed me on the forehead and asked If I wanted to go watch Ghost Hunters on OnDemand with him after his game.

I of course said yes!
But It kinda made me tear up.
Its the little things in life that really make my heart swell.

Friday, October 1, 2010 0 comments

Friday Fill Ins

Time for some Friday Fill Ins.... then I HAVE to get the cabinet together that I just bought for a steal at target!

1. My back... Is feeling pretty good today.

2. getting into this whole couponing thing is getting pretty wild.

3. Leaves are falling all around, is something I miss about home.

4. I hope I can overcome forgetfulness.

5. Healing is being strong enough to over come.

6. unpacking and organizing is what I've been up to lately!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having drill with my new unit, tomorrow my plans include working and getting in processed and Sunday, I want to sleep... but I have drill!