Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grocery Shopping Sunday

So I have been trying to do all my grocery shopping at the beginning of the week.

I had the absolutely WORST experience of all time at Winco today. To the point I called my mom in tears to vent my frustrations. And I can promise you I will NEVER step foot in that Winco ever again.

Apparently the Winco here has a no printed (aka online) coupon policy. I was not aware of this.
So that completely screwed me. All the other stores I've been to accept them, so i wasn't prepared for this.

So I had to put stuff back. non necessities had to go back. It was mostly Pillsbury biscuits and cookie mix

She made me feel like the lowest form of life because I had to put stuff back. I was mortified by how she was treating me

Then she was talking to the checker behind me instead of ringing my stuff up.

Then her and some other worker rolled their eyes and huffed at the amount of stuff I had to go back. She then said. "well... now I have to get an over ride because of all the stuff YOU had me void".

I felt SO embarrassed.

FWD: To Monday...

I called Winco and told them what had happened. I explained my story, why I had to put stuff back, why I was unaware of their policy, etc.

The manager seemed very apologetic and said she would up channel my complaint to her manager.

I will never go back to that Winco EVER again.



sulfababy said...

Yuck :( I'm so sorry she made you feel that way. Totally uncalled for.