Saturday, October 9, 2010

Its about to start...

So B and I have been in this perfect little bubble here.

We only have to talk to family via phone/text/email/snail mail

But at the end of the month B's oldest sister is coming into town. I'm SO excited. And I can say that honesty and un-sarcastically.

I really enjoy his oldest sister, we have similar senses of humor and similar outlooks on life (and the rest of the family). B is a little reserved around her because of their family past, but i can't help it, I heart the girl. And for the reasons that B is reserved, I can't fault either of them. A hard life growing up effects people differently.

She'll be in-town (1 hour away) for some work related things for about a month. I'm hoping that the 3 of us, or maybe even just her and I will get to hang out on the weekends and go out and do things.

Then on the 24th of November my family is driving down for thanksgiving. I'm so so so excited. but also very nervous.

With B's sister, She'll have her own apartment and won't be spending every night with us.

With my family, they can't afford a hotel room. So They're staying here. I'm so excited to see my family, but at the same time, I'm worried.

Just like most people and they're in-laws B can only take my family in SMALL doses. And I get that, I feel the same way about his family... and often my own.

My parents and little brother will be here for 4 days. They drive down the night of the 24th and then leave the afternoon of the 28th.

I'm really excited that there will be people here, I LOVE to entertain. I can't wait for people to be here.

I don't forsee B's dad being very far behind my parents (maybe even before) in the come to visit line.

I love love love love love B's dad. He's a funny, down to earth, OCD man after my own heart.
I really hope he comes down to visit OFTEN.

he's all alone up there. B's dad and mom got divorced when B was pretty young. And B's grandpa died shortly after we got together. B's dad also doesn't talk to his sister much at all, so its just him and his select few friends.

I hope he can come down. I'd LOVE to have him here for thanksgiving. That would be awesome!

Hotel De' Rotty is officially open for business i guess.