Sunday, September 28, 2008 1 comments

Almost a year.

I've been blogging for almost one full year.
Friday, November 23, 2007 was my first blog ever.

Its amazing how differant i feel with in just a year. looking back i was anxious and nervous. I was always second guessing myself.

Now i'm not saying i'm 100% now but i'm a lot better than i was.
I'm a lot calmer.
I still have anxiety tendencies (sp)
I like my life.
I have a much better job.
I'm still in school
Bri's still in school
He'll graduate in May.

there's really no point to this post. just rambling
Saturday, September 27, 2008 1 comments


Today i rented the whole first season of Heroes. I'm currently on Disk 3 of 7. Its really interesting. I should be working. but i can't seem to get up the energy to do it.

I've been working a little, resting a little, working a little more, then i sit down. I'm still really really sick. I'm not feeling good, but i'm feeling better than yesterday. i'm still not hungry, i have a slight headache but i'm not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday i was miserable. i still went to work but thats only because i had too.

So really i'm doing a whole lot of nothing.




Baby Dominic!!!

So i just realized i haven't posted pictures of him in forevers!!!
so let me AW my amazingly cute god son.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008 1 comments

Random thoughts for the day...

- If you hurt someone in your past, apologize. Even if its years later.
it does wonders for your karma
- stupid questions deserve equally stupid answers
- true friends don't come by easy
- relationships take work.
- nothing good comes easy.
- learning from your mistakes teaches you more than any class can.
- you don't have to drink to have a good time, but sometimes its nice to let loose.
- you can pick your family, but you do have the right to not talk to them.
- good friends can substitue for family

...Random I know. but i'll leave you with this:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 1 comments


So i just found out through discussion at work. that if i leave for military duty and i'm gone for longer than 3 months i come back as a new employee. like i get no benefits no vacation, nothing.
I find this VERY hard to believe. I think i'm going to have to look into this furtner.
Sunday, September 21, 2008 3 comments

Sunday's are my favorite day

Sunday's will forever be my favorite day.

We woke up this morning and went for our first offical work out at our new gym. We got the membership on Friday. It was fun honestly. i did the elyptical for 30 min, i did a cool down on the treadmil for ten min, i sat at the bike for 20 min (but, honestly bikes are boring with out a book to me), i went to the lower level and did the ab machines, then i did the x-ball for a while, then back to the treadmil as i waited for bri to get out of his class. then he went for a swim (laps) and i sat my ass in the hot tub. it was perfect, not to much chlorine, not to hot it was amazing.

Then we went to go get some lunch. We went to subway. I stepped out of my comfort zone and got something new. i got the chipotle steak sub on wheat with chipotle mayo and peperjack cheese. it was soooooooooo good. not the healthyest but it was really good.

I've been burning cd's now. I'm moving all my pictures to Cd's so i can clear up space on my hard drive. plus its just plain more safe to have them on CD. I have bad luck with electronics. I've broken EVERY SINGLE VCR i've ever owned. my first DVD player was stolen by my ex. my second just crapped out on me. I'm on cell phone number 4 with in the past 2 years, not due to upgrades but because i'm a klutz. my PC computer is so infected its worthless. and my truck is a peice of shiit. lol. well my truck was a POS when i bought it but still.

I'm on load of laundry #5 for the day. laundry is my nemisis (sp). I do laundry and do laundry and do laundry and because we wear clothes it keeps coming. but the worst part about laundry is having to fold it and put it away (or hang) its just so time consuming. lol. i can't help that i hate it.

i'm just rambling now....
lets add a picture i haven't hadded a pictures in a while

Thursday, September 18, 2008 0 comments

Crazy little thing called work

So this week at work has been freaking nuts. People are on edge in the office today. I have cramps from hell. and to top it all off i got my ass chewed by a 92 year old man yesterday.

oh and my boss made me cry out of frustration today. Normally he's a really great guy. But he has what i call 'older brother issues' he likes to speak with out thinking.

Today i just wanted him to look over my invoice picking sheet before i sent it down to production because it was a huge order. First he didn't understand, then he wanted copies, then he asks why i'm making coppies, then he tells me he wants copies and in the same sentence he doesn't.

he storms out of my office and runs to the owner, and i couldn't help but let the tears flow. i was like what the fuck? He just started off the day full of piss and vinager. I don't know what was up. he's normally such a funny calm sarcastic dude. but nope not today.

Work has been pretty good. the days have been flying by though. i'm really liking it here. We're working good together, getting things straightened out and organized.

i just needed to vent.
Sunday, September 14, 2008 0 comments

is it to early for halloween?

nope, i don't think so.
i was thinking about halloween costumes.


I hate babies, okay?

I know that with the age group i'm in, I am going to be faced with several stereo types. I'm young and married. I did something some people skip these days. I got married before having kids. Having kids by the age of 21 is a very common thing here. and often the trip down the aisle is skipped and re routed with a trip to the doctor. lol.

Now i'm not saying that people who have kids before marriage are bad, but i'm just tired of hearing about it.

all i heard this weekend was "having kids is hard, we have no time, no money, can't go out, blah blah blah blah blah." and with the same breath they turn around and ask me when i plan on having kids. good job at the brain washing but i'm pretty sure you failed.

weak sauce.

I'm going to wear a tshirt that says: I punch babies in the face. maybe then it won't be so weird when i don't have a screaming kid on my hip.

maybe i'm a tradionalist but i believe things have a certain order.

high school
being married for a while
then kids!!!

so i got married before i graduated from college. at least i went and am still going. i think people need to live their lives before having kids. Go out!!! do things, see places, visit new lands.

okay people.
i hate babies.
i hate fetus's (feti)
i don't care if you think i'm missing out
i don't care if you think i'll have cute babies (okay maybe i like that one)
i don't care if you want my baby to play with your baby
that still isn't going to make me rush to have a baby.

vent over.
Thursday, September 4, 2008 1 comments

McCain and Palin

So i didn't really watch the DNC (democratic national convention) mostly because they annoy the piss out of me. Obama is not a fucking rock star so sit the fuck down and quit screaming.
he's not the second coming of the christ, he's not going to heal the world. Chill the fuck out. I digress.

Anyways to the point of this post

Palin's Speech yesterday was AMAZING!!!! I wasn't sure on my opinion about her. She seriously rocked my world last night. She was funny, she was appropriate, she was well spoken, and she knew her shit.

I'm not really one to watch speechs, i normally read the transcripts afterwards and decide for myself. Now i'm not saying my mind is 100% made up but i'm leaning pretty hard.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 1 comments

Trying to lose weight

So starting today me and the hubbeast are trying to eat healthy, live healthy, and be better. We're trying to cook more at home.
mostly organic
less then 2,000 calories a day
no beer
no soda
no liquor
(yes i might die)
but we're going to work reallly hard on it
right now my goal is 30 lbs by christmas.