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Last post of 2008 and my 150th post

So, I'm not really sure where to go with this one.... so if it gets rambly I'm sorry ahead of time, I'm just going to induce some verbal diarrhea.and see where that takes us.

So a couple days ago my friend texted me (I'm sure she'll read this actually) and asked simply
"What is you new years resolution"

It took me a couple minuted to come up with a response and i replied back with out really thinking about it stating:
"make it home alive"
I feel bad, because i think i caught her off guard with that. I forget sometimes that people don't think the way i do, and don't go through the stuff that i do.

So i texted my other friend (who happens to be a military wife) about what i had said and we sort of laughed it off. but its just weird to me.

This time next month I'll be in the midst of something much much larger than me. In the midst of things I have NO CONTROL OVER! that's huge for me. like hella huge. I like order, i like being organized, i like knowing whats going on and when to expect things and what to expect. This is possibly one of the hardest parts.

Not to mention I'm flying half way around the world, leaving my home, leaving my family, leaving my life, leaving MY HUSBAND. What a way to start off the year!!

BUT seriously lets look back, in all honesty i don't really think 2008 was all that bad. I read post after post about "lets say good by to a shitty 2008", but for me it wasn't so bad. I had a pretty good year.

-We had our 1st anniversary
-We kept afloat
-We put both of us through college
-We put food on our table
-We have money in the bank
-we have shoes on our feet
-We have clothes on our back.

what more could a girl ask for? I'm married to the man i love. We're looking above and beyond to the next step in our life. but 2008 was good to us. I am ready for 2009 though. I'm excited.
I'm definitely ready.
I'm ready for the next step, the next chapter, the next phase.



“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”


So not going to work everyday seriously messes with my sense of time!! its weird. I have all the time in the world, and yet none at the same time. Hours at home escape me with out blinking an eye. i'll zone out, and poof its time to leave.

I like having time to relax befor i leave but its still just weird.

i'm constantly tired. i should be working and cleaning. but i'm not. its just to much. i'll do that next week. along with shopping. i've got a list of things i want to get done before i leave.

i'm relly just rambling at this point.

time to go do something...


Wednesday, December 24, 2008 1 comments

White Christmas Indeed

Christmas Eve Snow!!!
Lots of Snow!
Did i mention, lots of snow
Christmas Cookies!!
I love chirstmas cookies

Our Deck!
My poor poor truck.
Driving Home from picking up my last pay check

The little treebushthingy in the in law's front yard. when we walked through the yard i had snow up to my crotch-area. INSANE i tell you! IN-SANE!
I love how these pictures came out. This is driving home from my work.
So cool.
the visibility was really really low!!
The trees! so cool!!
Super Cool!!!!
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This is a good tag!

1) Choose the 4th picture folder on your computer

2) Choose the 4th picture

3) Explain the picture

4)Tag 4 other people

This is my BIL D , his wife H, and my SIL S at thanksgiving breakfast. Darren's cutting veggies and heather's laying them out while Sarah pouts about something. don't know what though. lol.
it was an interestingly tense thanksgiving to say the least.
I'm tagging:
Sandy, Brooke, bada, and Jessis

Last night / today

My truck
View from our porch

the snow drift on the ledge and the table

our "mushroom" bbq. lol. this thng made us laugh.
somewhere under all this is a beer bottle too!

so funny looking!

so cool!!

looking down the street

looking the other direction

Looking down the stairs this morning.

The deck this morning.

the table again.

The view this morning.

the BBQ

standing on the 2nd floor landing.

the path and my feet
the snow

looking one direction.

the bed of my truck

so much snow and ice

the parking lot

looking down towards the street

where's the side walk!? (its that little red dot)
the drift above our roof (we're #209) lol.

Yesterday's Snow

here it comes

its getting bad

Sammy and buddy "playing"

Me. it was cold

Trying to make a snow man
Buddy (the inlaws dog)
(me carrying sammy) he's a wuss