Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last night / today

My truck
View from our porch

the snow drift on the ledge and the table

our "mushroom" bbq. lol. this thng made us laugh.
somewhere under all this is a beer bottle too!

so funny looking!

so cool!!

looking down the street

looking the other direction

Looking down the stairs this morning.

The deck this morning.

the table again.

The view this morning.

the BBQ

standing on the 2nd floor landing.

the path and my feet
the snow

looking one direction.

the bed of my truck

so much snow and ice

the parking lot

looking down towards the street

where's the side walk!? (its that little red dot)
the drift above our roof (we're #209) lol.


Mrs. Pink said...

We get snow once every 10 years or so and it came 2 wks before Christmas. Boooo. Nice pics though. Stay warm!