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Small worlds BLOW

Some times I hate how small the Air Force is.

Several years ago, when I was young and dumb I had a run in with this guy 'M'.

M was a friend of my dad and I've known him since I was really young. His oldest daughter and I went to school together/grew up together.

So, ffwd i'm 20 (just met B) I'd just got out of a bad relationship/break up/rebound whore stint. One night in a drunken stooper I flashed one of M's friends while on assignment out of state. So... of course when I get home, everyone knew.

M decided to push his luck with me. M has a reputation of being a super sleeze ball. He boasts about cheating on his wife (who is super sweet and I'd love being her friend if she wasn't married to him). He then starts making lewd comments & gestures toward me and about me. Eventually he and the guy I flashed corner me in the parking lot. They start with the talk again and soon they are poking/touching me in inappropriate places, lifting up my uniform top, etc.

I'm really shaken up by it, but I try to play it off. Of course when Bri picks me up for lunch and he instantly knows somethings wrong. Long story short, I told my dad (who was in my unit at the time), who up chanelled it to the commander. The  Commander asked what I wanted to happen. I told her I didn't want people to know, but I also didn't want him to get away with it. She asked if I trusted her enough to handle it ”in house”, the answer was yes. I'd trust that woman with my life. But that's another story.

I was allowed to finish my day ”off site” (I waited it out in Bri's unit). And i've been told a couple different versions of what happened next to him, but they're all vastly different. And honestly, I don't know what really happened, but again I trusted my commander.

... That was 6  years ago.
Since then our unit was disbanded, we went our separate ways, and I rarely if ever thought about the whole ordeal.

... Until 4 months ago when I hear he's coming into one of our sister units. Not in my unit or on my drill weekend, but still too close.

I had a minor(::cough::major::cough::) freak out and went to have a one on one chat with my chief. He is someone who I trust very much. Again, I was asked what I wanted to happen. I told him 1) I just needed to vent to someone I trust and leery them know the situation 2) I just want him to know that I reserve the right to nit work with him if I at any time feel uncomfortable. But I would be polite, respectful, and keep my fucking distance.

The reason this was brought back up  is because I'm out of town doing am inspection in another state. I knew that the sister squadrons were here, but again I didn't really think about him. Till I walked outside and there he was.

I'll never feel comfortable around him. I'll never willing go someplace that i'm sure he will be. But I am NOT found to let him ruin my trip, my training, or my reputation.

But I do get sick pleasure in knowing that in the 6 years that have passed, he has not been promoted once, the people he last worked with were ”happy to be rid of him” (their words not mine), and he is currently assigned to the section that I know like the back of my hand and know that it'd we are forced ro participate in the same event, I'd be in the position of power, not him.

Again, I will move passed the past and continue doing what I'm doing... But, I'm still wish I never had to see him ever ever fucking ever again...

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I hurt myself (Part II)

I shared my story of HOW my finger got infected.

Now for the "living with an infected finger" story. Sounds riveting right? No? I knew it.
But i'm going to tell you anyways.

So after my long and frustrating appointment with Dr.Douche. I came home and talked with B (in case you haven't heard he's an RN) I tend to trust his opinion over almost anyone when it comes to most things, including my finger.

So with the pain and swelling and the obvious pp (puss pocket) on my finger. We (me) decided to open it. And so, we did.
B boiled some new clippers. I soaked my finger and held super still and cut it open. and FUCK did that hurt.
B then proceeded to "milk" my finger. he pushed on the hole finger as I had it in a soak (hot water and Epsom salt).... while I bawled into a towel. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but it did get a lot of "nastiness" out of my finger.

TMI ALERT: when he came to take my finger out of the soak and bandage it up there was a "goo-clot" of blood and puss half in half out of the cut.

So that all happened on Tuesday.

Today is Friday.

My 'cut' is better. but I'm still really swollen. I still can't bend my finger.
My elbow and shoulder are beginning to hurt
my finger throbs....
it hurts...
I'm not better.
this shit sucks.
all from a fucking hang nail. lol.

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I hurt myself... again. (Part I)

So last Thursday I had a hangnail on my left index finger.

Friday I woke up and my finger was huge!

I showed B and we thought it was just a spider bite. I normally have bad BAD reactions to bug bites, and I do get bit a LOT. I thought nothing of the hang nail.

So, I took Ibuprofen and benadryl and on Saturday it seemed to be getting better.

Monday I woke up and my finger had doubled in size from Friday and was SO painful. It was now red and warm with a little white patch near the nail bed. The swelling had now moved down to my whole finger and across the knuckles. I took my wedding ring off because I was worried about the sudden swelling.
I took benadryl and ibuprofen again just in case. I showed B when he got up (hes been working nights). He told me it looked infected and to call the doc in the morning.

So I did.
I called at 8 talked to the tech, who took notes and told me there were no open appointments and to stay by the phone cause the nurse would be calling me soon.
At 1045 the nurse called, asked more questions and told me there was an opening at 1520 with Dr.C (he's the mean doc I have talked about before dealing with my migraines). I said sure, I'm just desperate for relief.

I go in and wait....
1540 I finally go back to the room.
P.S. there was NO ONE in the waiting room.
1600 the doc finally comes in.

He looks at my finger and says, "Yeah, It looks infected [really, dude. no shit]. I don't think it needs to be drained yet, but we should [what?]. Okay, I'll be right back." and leaves.

1610 he comes back in and says he had to finish with the patient across the hall and would be right back
1613 the nurse comes back in starts loading the tray with sterile pads, scalpels, band-aids, etc. [wtf!]
1620 he comes back in and says to me, "Well, I don't really want to take the time to numb your finger fully [yup, he said that], so we only have the topical spray. Or we can just try to soak it more often and try to press it with a q-tip to open it!"

Needless to say, I went with option B.
He prescribes antibiotics and Motrin. The Doc said "if that doesn't stop the pain, call and we'll adjust it".

So, I'll call (again) in the morning. this sucks.

Part 2 coming soon...

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Never ending migraine.

After a really long time of no pain, or at least minimal pain. I feel like I have had this one for so long I've lost track.

Its now 1:30 am

I'm nauseous from the pain. I told B that my dinner might make a 're-appearance'.

I even got a nice relaxing massage today.

This shit is getting ridiculous.

So tonight i'm sipping on sprite, rocking an ice pack on my neck and on my forehead and a heating pad on my calves.

Falling Apart - Party of 1!