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Friday Fill Ins we go!

1. Hallelujah! I'm done with school!
2. In myh husbands arms  is where I wanna be!
3. When I was walking the dog this morning, I saw a handful of goose feathers in the road and I thought Those baby duckies sure are adorable!
4. I offended one of my troops and that's how I knew it was time to reel myself in and apologize.
5. What were once vices are now annoying
6. EGGS & TOMATOES is what I've been having for breakfast lately.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Seeing amazing troops, tomorrow my plans include Work hard and Sunday, I want to Play hard!! 


Lets talk books...

So in light of the 'grey-phenomimon' I thought we should talk about what we're reading. 
I'm currently reading 2 books (technically 3, but i haven't started the third)

As part of my book club i'm reading: 

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

The Undomestic Goddess
Interesting pairing right?? I'm actually really excited about these two. The two categories were "historical fiction" & "beach reads". 

As part of last months (may) choices we read Divergent. I read this book almost non stop. Of course it helped that my husband had just left for 8 days (military) and I had just finished school So i had some time on my hands. I really enjoyed the book.

And because I really enjoyed the book, I'm following it up by reading the second in the trilogy (which is really freaking good by the way) I'm about 1/2 way through. 


Because I drive a lot I started listening to books on tape. I just finished the Harry Potter series. 
I never read them when they were popular, but i'm really glad I found the audio books. They were actually really really good. The narrator was PERFECT and I feel a new connection with the series. 

Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hallows.
So I finished HP - 7 yesterday while cleaning. 
I started listening to:
The Host

Its pretty interesting. I'm not sure what I expected from the book, I hadn't read any of the reviews, but I thought i'd get it a shot. I'm pretty impressed so far by it. Its hard to stop listening to it.

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Instagram Happenings



Changed my blog URL

My old URL was much to long.
I had to change it. To lose nosy family members.... all the better. lol

so i'm now

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The summer of crazy

So this summer is already starting ot look like its going to be insane. Between my schedule, B's schedule, leave, pending deployment, etc.  we'll be lucky to make it though with only slight mental damage. 

get this:
May 9th - 2 Finals
May 10th -1 Final 
May 11th - 1 Final
May  14th - 2 Finals
May 16th @ 0800 graduation practice
May 16th @ 0820 parents arrive (little brother will be here around this time)
May 16th @ 1700 graduation
May 17th - Parents leave
May --  - B leaves
May 25th  -  I leave
May -- @ some point  - B comes home
** B goes back on nights at work
May 28th - I come home
June 2/3 - Drill
June --  B leaves
June --  B comes home
June 30th - anniversary
July 6-8th drill
July -- - B's birthday
July 16-19 - On leave - probably camping
July 29th I leave
August 3rd I come home
Aug 4/5 Drill
Aug 7-16 - On leave - Probably camping up back home.
September/October 2012  -- B is deployed

 ugh. My anxiety is out of control about all of this.