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Weather Blues

So I know i said i was excited for fall, but i thought there was going to be a smoother transition into fall. This weeks weather has been SCREAMING WINTER! I got word from one of our driver's its snowing not to far away from where we are. W.T.F! its not even October yet. SO not cool people.

This is the snow cam of the lodge less than 45 min away from where i work. HOLY CRAP. So not excited about this people. I DO.NOT.DRIVE in snow. No ma'am i do not. I will kill my self and someone else. I am smart enough to know i don't know what the fuck I'm doing. so i just don't.
This is today's view from my desk. GRR. we just had a huge rain storm roll past already this morning. At the moment its dry, and the sun is trying to peak through but failing miserably.

This is the 10 day trend for the city i work in, I'm calling them big fat liar heads. It is so not "partly cloudy" and currently its 50 degrees outside not 57. is a big fat liar head. jerk bombs.

I want my freaking FALL! i want pretty colors, sunshine and crisp weather. Not rain and storms and snow. Listen up mother nature, i want my freaking fall. I realize I'm in Oregon, but COME.ON!!!!


Wordless Wednesday ~ The Storm

(all these pictures were taken from my cell phone! the first one was while driving the rest were from my desk in my office through out the day)
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Phew... what a weekend.

This weekend has been one of the busiest I've had in a very long time.

Saturday I coached, then had the bridal show, then went to a hockey Game
Sunday We had a Co-Ed Baby shower BBQ, and Then had a family dinner with my parents.

I got NOTHING accomplished. but i feel like I've been so busy.

On Saturday Mornings (yes i have to set my alarm on a weekend) I am a volunteer coach for the junior league at my mom's bowling alley. Some of you may not know this about me, but I've been bowling since i was 8 and my little brother was 6. Now I coach 4-6 year olds on Saturday Mornings. I haven't done it for 2 years now, but I've been busy getting married and getting deployed. I forgot how much I LOVED coaching! I absolutely love it. Lol, I'm now coaching the son of a girl i used to coach several years ago. FYI She's 17 and her son is 3. yeah... I'll leave that one alone. I'm also coaching the son of a girl who used to be one of the 'cool kids' in my bowling league when i first started. lol Its funny how life comes full circle.

After I coached I came home and waited for B to get home so that he could take me to his parents house so that I could meet with his sister to go to the show. It was SO SMALL! it was the off season bridal show. There's another one in January that i went to before my wedding and it was at minimum triple the size of this one. but SIL did text me and let me know she won some jewelry and a 2 night stay at a hotel here in Portland (she's from Salem). All in all it was a fun time. Afterwards we went to Red Robin and had beers. So beer makes all the walking worth it! hahaha.
After SIL dropped me off at home we almost immediately left for the Portland Winter Hawks game! It was so much fun! One of my oldest and dearest friends was there and we got to catch up. We haven't talked or hung out in several years. It was really fun. We were snarky girls and we were giggling and having so much fun. lol. There was this 'teeny bopper esk' 20 something girl that came with our group of friends and she was so so so consided. When i left to sit up in the back to talk with my friend she took EVERY chance she could to shake her non existent ass in my husbands face. I thought it was SO FUCKING FUNNY! Because my loving husband kept trying to look around her flat ass to see the hockey. hahaha. we had many laughs at her expense. hahaha.
Then Sunday we had a really realxing moring. we slept in till oh... 11 am. hahaha. then got up and showered and made our way to target. Where we went baby shopping. lol. I am so proud to say that B picked out the baby shower gift all by himself. I picked out the bag, the tissues, the card, but he picked out the gift.
All by himself! i was so proud of him! lol. The baby shower was for his friends Kelsey & Kevin. Kelsey's mom kept giving him little pokes about how he's ready for kids cause hi picked out the 'good gift' for the shower. lol. it was really funny.
Then we came home and changed into comfy clothes and headed to my parents for dinner. My dad is AMAZING! He made 2 separate dinners. He made B's favorite dinner (roast and potatoes and gravy) and he made my favorite dinner (Kalua pork and steamed rice)!!! and we took home 5 (yes 5) containers of left overs. I'm so excited! He's pretty much the best dad ever! all though i wouldn't have gone over if i had known my mom was sick. I have such a poor immune system i know that if I am around anyone who's sick I'll eventually get it. So we pretty much dinned and dashed. I felt bad, but i can't afford to be sick.
What a weekend. I'm glad we got out of the house. but man, i'm looking forward to a relazing weekend. I wonder when that will be.
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I Want That Thursday

Want & Got Thursday

So I've been eyeing this for almost a year now. but i finally got it onsale at Walgreens for $9.99.

The technical name is: Rival 4071-WN 32-Ounce Hot Pot Express.

but thats just the fancy name for an Electric Tea Pot!

I love to drink tea when the weather is cold. but I haven't splurged and bought one to keep at my desk till this week. I'm totally in love with it! it kind of makes a weird noise when its heating up, so if you have a quite office this isn't for you. but it heats up in less than 5 minutes. Its so great.

I don't put my tea bags in the pot because i'm afraid that it'll stain and put a 'perma-taste' in the pot. so i just hang the tea bags from my mug and pour in the water. I love it so much I also put Splenda in my tea. I prefer splenda to sugar... less calories.

OKAY! seriously 1 packet of real sugar has 23 mother effing calories in it! 23!!! Thats INSANE!!
So i bought the splenda with the gram of fiber. I put 2 packets in my first cup and that lasts me all day. I might have to put one more packet in at the end of the day, but normally not at all.

I love this!!
If your a tea fan, this is totally worth the 10.00.
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Oi Vey... OW!

So last night i decided to man up and do something i've been thinking about for quite some time.

I took a class at the gym.
dun dun dun ::cues dramatic music::

lol. I know lame. but i have wanted to try this class for a really long time and since i forgot my MP3 player and my book i figured it was a sign to go try this class.

I did the Boot Camp Cardio Class at my gym and i loved it. it was a smaller class, only 3 people and the instructor gal. but it was great, and i'm sore but not overly sore. we did warm up then 8 laps around the room than we did 6 2 min circuits doing different things (boxing, arm lifts, raised leg squats, jump rope/jumping jacks, ball exercise, and kick butt jog) then we had a 1 min break. We did push ups and then we switched the circuits and did 6 different ones (squat jumps, wall sits, walking squats with a torso twist, sumo squats, triceps dips and arm curls). and then after all that we did abs. OMGSH! my body is dead.

but i tell you what, i loved every stinking minute of it.
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Wordless Wednesday - Views From My Car

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Obsession Tuesday

I have a differant kind of Obsession Tuesday post for you guys

This is about SPARK PEOPLE! I'm so in love with this site!

About Sparkpeople:

At SparkPeople, our mission is to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals and lead healthier lives. We offer nutrition, health, and fitness tools, support, and resources that are 100% free, while other sites like Weight Watchers and charge their members for similar services.

Our weight loss program teaches people to stop dieting and transition to a permanent, healthy lifestyle. Far beyond just weight loss, SparkPeople helps everyone learn to eat better and exercise regularly—for life. And people who don’t want to lose weight can still join and benefit from SparkPeople's tools, resources and community features. In addition to informative articles and interactive tools, such as fitness trackers and meal plans, members can find support and encouragement from our vibrant, positive community of members and experts.

All the components of our program mix in an element of fun so that our members truly do stick with their programs. With millions of members, we’ve witnessed thousands of success stories firsthand. We’ve found that using sound nutrition and regular exercise as a “springboard” for success helps our members find greater enjoyment in life and strive for even more goals, creating their own real-life adventures!

This place allows you to track your work outs, track your food and drink intake (it has a vast catalog of foods and drinks with calories and nutrition facts included, but you can add your own). It has a weight tracker so you can monitor and update where you're at. It also has TON's of Recipies and work out ideas. It has demo's and exersise plans for anyone and everyone!! I'm SOOO SO SO in love with this site.

I highly recommend this site to anyone who's looking at becoming healthier and living healthier.

If you have a spark people, let me know. Maybe we can create a little blog-group. and support and motivate each other.

If you haven't visited spark people... you need to!

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I've been out of the swing for to long.

So I was going through my old blog entries trying to figure out what my 'days were' and i can't for the life of me remember some of them...

Sunday ~ ?
Monday ~ ?
Tuesday ~ Obsession Tuesday
Wednesday ~ Wordless Wednesday
Thursday ~ I Want This Thursday
Friday ~ Confession Friday
Saturday ~ ?

I think that's it. Maybe i didn't have 'themes' on the other days. I'm not sure.

i feel like they're left out, maybe i should come up with a theme for them. hmmmm... any suggestions?
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I Want This

I want this SO BAD. I'm totally getting this when we move into our future house.

The Cricut Machine is a crafters wet dream! seriously. This thing is amazing. Have you seen the infomercials about it?

I think I'm in love with this little machine. Un-naturally in love with it.
They have these cartridges that contain things that have different items to cut out!
this isn't a want. this is a future have! I love it!


Moldy Eye

this is what my lovely friend has named my eye issue! lol.

So i went to my primary care physician. She perscribed some antibiotic eye drops.

My eye wasn't getting any better. So i went to an optometrist.

1) he's a jerk
2) his office is full of hoyty-toyty snatches
3) I'm fine.

I called and got an appointment. The secrasnatch told me to be there at 8:30 to have time to fill out paperwork. I got there at 8:30, everything was locked up. I stood there for a while and waited... and waited... and waited! she finally got there at 8:50. Grrr! I hate people who are late. It annoys me!

Then the doc was an A-Hole! i tried to be funny, he made me feel like i was waisting his time. And he did nothing but tell me I'm fine. and then shoo'd me from the room.

but i did find out i have an old scar on my cornea. I thought that was interesting, so i asked how that happens. I was told... and i quote "just like you get any other scar" end quote. WTF DUDE! so not helpful.

I should have canceled and worked those 2 hours. he's an effer, he has an office full of effers, blech!

but my eye is so much better. I'm still using the drops. i lay on a hot pad at the end of the day, and that's been helping a lot.

so ends the story of the moldy eye!!
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Wordless Wednesday - Holding Onto Summer


Can I be a mushy-gushy girl for a sec?

I am missing my husband something terrible. Night time is the absolute worst. I have the hardest time at night. The day time isn't so bad. but the night is so so bad. I'm so tired, I can't Sleep, I'm trying so hard but it just sucks.

I am normally the one that leaves. This is the first time he's been gone. Its harder than i thought it would be. Not so fun by the way.

i want him to come home and the worst part is i don't even know when that will be.

It'll be Friday or Saturday, possibly Sunday.

He's doing real world assistance for an ORE (operational readiness evaluation) in Michigan. I know, dangerous stuff. but it still sucks!

Leave It To Me...

So... I have an infected eye!

WTF! who gets an infected eye?!? oh yah.. ME!

okay so this is really really embaresing, but i figure what the hell, i'll share. I got a toenail in my eye.

I came home from drill and was clipping my nails. and poof. one in the eye.

I got it out right away, well i woke up monday and my eye was all sore. on tuesday i went to the doctor and got antibiotic eye drops. and it still hurts

So friday i have an eye doctor appointment.

Dude, it freaking hurts to blink!
you never realize how much you mother effing blink untill it hurts. GAH!

and the worst part is B's O.O.T till at least friday. and its looking like saturday.
I hate it.

leave it to me to do something this lame.

Reading List - As of 16-Sep

Evernight Series
~ Evernight
~ Stargazer
~ Hourglass

Chicagoland Vampires
~ Some Girls Bite
~ Friday Night Bites

Jane Jameson Series
~ Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs
~ Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men

Hunter Games Series
~ Hunger Games
~Catching Fire

• The Immortals

• Garnet Lacey
~Tall Dark & Dead
~Dead Sexy
~Romancing The Dead
~Dead If I do

• Vampire Diaries
~ The Awakening & The Struggle
~The Fury & Dark Reunion
~The Return: Nightfall

• Queen Betsy
~Undead & Unwed
~Undead & Unemployed
~Undead & Unappreciated
~Undead & Unreturnable
~Undead & Unpopular
~Undead & Uneasy
~Undead & Unworthy
~Undead & Unwelcome

• Lords Of The Underworld
~The Darkest night
~The Darkest Kiss
~The Darkest Pleasure
~The Darkest Whisper - just released 09/15

• Nightwalkers

• Mortal Instruments
~City Of Ashes
~City Of Glass
~City of Bones - I bought this book, i just have yet to read it.

• Cassandra Palmer
~Tough the Dark
~Claimed by shadow
~Embrace the night
~Curse the dawn

• A Touch Novel
~Deadly Little Secret
~Deadly Little Lies

Need – Carrie Jones

• The Secret Sercle
~The Initation & The Captive Part I
~The Captive Part II & The Power

• The Early Spring Series
~Broken Flower
~Scattered Leaves

• The Shadow Series
~April Shadows
~Girl in the Shadows

• The Broken Wings Series
~Broken Wings
~Midnight Flight

• The Delia Series
~Delia’s Crossing
~Delia’s Heart
~Delia’s Gift

• Blue Bloods
~Van Alen Legacy – book 4 - Available October 6th

• House of Night
~Tempted-Book 6 - Available October 27th

• Black Dagger Brother Hood
~Lover Revealed-#4
~Lover Unbound-#5
~Lover Enshrined-#6
~Lover Avenged - #7
~The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insiders Guide

• Love At Stake
~How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
~Vamps and the City
~Be Still My Vampire Heart
~The Undead Next Door
~All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire
~Secret Life of a Vampire
~Forbidden Nights with a Vampire

The Host: A Novel

• Sookie Stackhouse Series
~A Touch of Dead - available October 6th

• Morganville Vampires
~Fade Out – book #7

• Vampire Academy
~Blood Promise- Book #4 - Released Sept 17th

• Vampire Kisses
~Dance with a Vampire
~The Coffin Club
~Royal Blood

• Immortals After Dark
~A Hunger Like No Other
~No Rest for the Wicked
~Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night
~Dark Needs at Night’s Edge
~Dark Desires After Dusk
~If you can find Book #6 please let me know what the F it is. Because on amazon it goes from book #5 to Book #7
~Kiss of a Demon King

• Vampire Chronicles
~Interview With the Vampire
~The Vampire Lestat
~Queen of the damned
~The Tale of the Body Thief
~Memnoch the Devil
~The Vampire Armand
~Blood and Gold
~Blackwood Farm
~Blood Canticle

• Argeneau Vampires
~A Quick Bite
~Love Bites
~Single White Vampire
~Tall, dark & Hungry

• Riley Jensen
~Full Moon Rising
~Kissing Sin
~Tempting Evil
~Dangerous Games
~Embraced By Darkness
~The Darkest Kiss
~Deadly Desire - my mom sent this one to me. but i refuse to read it till i read the others

• Vampire Series - Linda Lael Miller (Thank you H.I.T)
~Tonight & Always
~Time Without End
~For All Eternity
~Forever And the night
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Another Amazing Giveaway

So for quite a while I've followed Ann @ A latte in the morning. She's from my home state which makes her instantly awesome. Then she loves coffee (and beer she told me) and I'm so blog crushing on her.

Anyways back to the giveaway.

She's giving a way a Stitch print.

I am absolutely in love with this etsy shop. City of Dionne has some amazing things.

<<< This is the one i really want!! I Want this like Whoa!

City of Dionne is the Etsy Shop of a really neat lady who also has a blog called.. Notes From Dionne... shocking I KNOW! but it IS the same person.

She's very creative and very chic. I'm really impressed with her work and IBM very excited that ann has now introduced us through the blog-o-sphere.

I really love this etsy shop, and this blog. and i foresee a lot of e-stalking in my future.

Friend Makin' Monday - My First Monday!

AE Filkins introduced me to FMM. I'm kind of excited about it!
So This Monday is: What are some of your favorite fall shows?

Glee! AMAZING. but I have yet to get B into it.

VAMPIRE DIARIES! seriously. Self. Explanitory.

Extreme home makeover is my drug.

Did I mention vampire diaries on the CW?
Biggest Loser, how i love thee!!!

Did i mention that i love Vamprie Diaries on Thursday nights.
ANTM! Amazing drama. Awesomeness. and its for short people!! YAY!

p.s. i might be obsessed.

So you think you can dance!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Pure love with a side of jealousy.


Holy Cuteness! Fall Giveaway!

AE Filkins is giving this fall giveaway... well, she's giving it away! HOW CUTE!
I'm seriously crossing my fingers i get this one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall Decorations.
I Love Fall period!
If you want in on this fantastic giveaway you have a limited amount of time.
Giveaway ends Tuesday, September 15 @ 7:00 pm EST
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While at starbucks this morning

I splurged on something. I saw this really neat calander style journal. There's lots of room to right and its all dated. I bought it today with the intention of writing down thoughts for blogs! I always come up with the BEST blog topics when i'm not anywhere near a computer or in the middle of somethng. I'm so excited! lol. I already have 3 blog topics written down.

but they'll have to wait. right now i'm chilling with my parents watching NCIS and waiting on dinner.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
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A Question For You.

What do you dream about?
What is your dream?
Think Big!! Don't think "oh i want to finish tiling the bathroom" I'm talking about what do you want to accomplish in your life time? What do you dream about?

I dream about owning my own interior design firm. but make it affordable. I want to help the hectic mother of 2 who works all day and needs help organizing her life and adding a touch of class to her house.

I dream about retiring and buying and maintaining our favorite inn on the coast.

I dream of having a career that can allow me to be home when my kids get home from school

I dream of going to germany to the little town where my husband's family originates.

I dream of owning a bar. The kind of bar where you go to hang out, maybe play pool and poker. The kind of bar where everybody knows your name.

I dream of opening a resturant with my husband. He makes the best food from ideas out of his head. I think he'd be an AMAZING chef and business man.

I dream of opening a bakery. I would love love love to make my living making cupcakes and doughnuts. I think that would be A.Maz.Ing!!

I dream of getting pregnant and having a happy and healthy baby.

I dream of building our DREAM house on a HUGE hunk of land.

I dream of having enough land to grow all our own veggies and fruits.

What do you dream about? What is on you're life to-do list??
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Where were you?

I know, another 9-11 post, go figure. But it holds such a profound place in my heart, i need to get it out.

I will never forget what happened. It took my dad to war for over a year. It has changed the military forever. And i am PROUD to serve and protect this nation every day of my life.

When i was searching for images to add to my blog, i came across several of the planes, and the towers. I just don't think its appropriate. Today is to honor and reflect. Bless the lives that were taken. Bless the lives that are forever changed.

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Wish Day: 09.09.09

So I was inspired by a post today. B at cuttings on a blog wrote about her wishes. And i was inspired to create my own list of wishes.

Today is 09.09.09.
Today is Wish Day!

*I wish for peace for my uncle. May his amazing life not be ended by an ugly ending.
*I wish for family unlike I've had.
*I wish for the blessing to mother children
*I wish to see my husband as a father. He's going to be amazing.
*I wish for a day where I won't have to worry if I'll be able to afford groceries or not week after week.
*I wish for the career I've dreamed of.
*I wish for my husband to find the job he's worked so hard for. He put in over 4 years for the 'unfailable' job. He feels like its failed him. I hate that he feels like a failure.
*I wish to move out of my tiny tiny apartment.
*I wish for more time to write, blog, read, and organize.
*I wish for more space. not from anyone, but space to grow with someone.
*I wish for a perfect time and place where I could open a bakery and i could live, work and breathe... CUPCAKES!
*I wish for a happy and healthy relationship. I love my husband with every fiber of my being.

What do you wish as wish day comes to a close?
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My Next List

How OCD is it that I'm planning in advance to make a list? i mean seriously?

but if i don't tell you, I'll forget. So i had to remind myself.

So I just posted about my reading list and i was thinking i should do a list of my wish list reading list. The books i want to read, but haven't gotten too yet.

The only way i can keep track is by having a wish list on amazon.

This way i can get your opinions on books.
Did you like them?
Did you LOVE them?
Should i totally skip them?

The recommendations i got from my last post I'm adding to my list by the way.

Thanks for helping me remind myself.
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Book Review

So as many of you know i am a bit obsessed with vampires. I admit it started with twilight. But its developed in to so much more. No, I'm not wearing fake vampire teeth and running out to stock up on lace up knee high doc martins, but i do enjoy reading about them.
This was my last update: My Reading List!
I'm warning you now: this is a long one!!

Books I've read
(in no particular order)
all books are linked to Amazon.

Night World
-Its an interesting mix of short stories. they're not great, but they're good reads. They're all tied together in a weird twist. for instance: book 2 story 1 has the same character as book 1 story 3, but instead of being a primary character they're mentioned once or twice. Now, I can not tell you for the life of me honestly which books and stories had similar or the same characters. It was a good read though. Not twilight good but better than vampire kisses.

Night World No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder
Night World No. 2: Dark Angel; The Chosen; Soulmate
Night World No. 3: Huntress, Black Dawn, Witchlight

There's a rumoured Night World No. 4 coming. but I'll believe it when i see it. according to Amazon "This title will be released on April 6, 2010"

Blue Bloods
-I read these on my trip home. I'm not going to lie, i LOVED these books. They're a quick, simple, easy read. but they're really good. its a good twist on the vampire folk lore. Its an addition i hadn't seen before. I can't wait for book for #6!

Blue Bloods

Van Allen Legacy - in stores 0ct 6th.

Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse Series-
I wish there were words for how OBSESSED i am with this series. I want to buy the HBO/Showtime package for my TV just so i can watch this series over and over again. i LOVE these books. I've actually given them to my mom and little brother (he's 20) to read. LOVE them.

Dead and Gone - Book #9

Black Dagger Brotherhood-
I started reading these books on the recommendation of a friend and i LOVE them. It started out a little slow in book one but i love it! i went back to borders to get the next books in the series and i teared up a little in the store when they didn't have the books i wanted. :( In all honesty, if you can get past the cheesetastic names (wrath, revenge, rhage), its a GREAT series. there is also a glossary of terms in the front of the books so you know what the heck they mean by 'hellren'.

So Far I've read:
Dark Lover
Lover Eternal
Lover Awakened - my favorite so far. SO amazing and reminds me a little of me and B.

To Read:
Lover Revealed
Lover Unbouned
Lover Enshrined
Lover Avenged

The next time I'm ready for new books (like next week) I'm totally going to ordering the next books from amazon. SO excited.

There are 2 other books for this series
The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide
Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story - this is only for the kindle though. mother effers.

I am totally going to get the insiders guide - how awesome is a book that it needs a guide! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The Immortals-
This series shockingly IS NOT about vampires. Its about immortal creatures and soul mates. Its main character can hear the thoughts of all of those around her. Its a really addictive series. I think i read these books in 1 weekend. I really enjoyed them, even though they weren't vampires.


This series was so interesting to me. Its about a girl who falls into peoples dreams around her. She doesn't need to be asleep, but if someone around her is they suck her in. Again, not a series about vampires. But such a good book. its again, a teen based book. but i really got into it.
i highly recommend them. Love it. The second book was SO great! SO SO GREAT!


Darkest Powers
I'm branching out people. Yet another book not about vampires!! I Really REALLY LOVED these books. I just found out when i was linking these and getting this section ready, that they're coming out with a 3rd! i knew they were with the way the 2ND ended. but its totally exciting. Anyways... These books are about a girl who can see and talk to dead people. This book is kind of interesting, the way she combines normal teenage drama with a twist of horror. There is also an additional twist to this book that even i didn't see coming. I'm So excited for book 3.

The Summoning
The Awakening

The Reckoning - due April 27th, 2010.

What I'm Reading Now:
Wicked Lovely-
I'm Rocking these non-vampire books and LOVING every minute of it! I love love love it. These books are different than anything I've read so far. they're about Fairies or 'faeries' as the book calls them. I'm loving it. I'm just at the last couple chapters of book 2. In this series the main character can see, talk too, and interact with faeries. but she doesn't. The 'sight' was passed down from generations of woman in her family. The stories her grandmother told her warned her against it. I can't wait till i can finish this series. So Excited.
Ink Exchange - almost done with this book

I'm getting everything ready

To update my reading list. And give my reviews. I've been reading a lot still. I'll have my list up and linked by this Monday. I hope you guys still love a good vampire book. cause you know i do!!

Hanging out with the BFF and the Godson

Yesterday My BFF A came over with Dominic. B was making calzone so A and Dom came over to hang out.

and go figure... i took pictures.
Sam and dom became BFF's
"here let me fix your ear"
"whaaaaat? i didn't touch the fan"
chasing sammy!!!

"hello people in the blogosphere! Its me Dominic and i'm in a basket"

New Fall Frames

I bought these last season in the after season sales, and I've been saving them for a while. I kind of love them. and i found 2 pretty fitting pictures to stick in them.

The photos are from our engagement picture shoot. the one on the left was just a moment that they caught. its B being a punk and me sticking my tongue out at him. it makes me laugh every time i see it. LOVE it!!

I also got out the fall candles. I Love the smell. they're pumpkin spice from Micheal's craft store. They last a really long time. Too boot, they're only 1.99 for a box of 6.

I wish i could say that the placemats were fall too, but nope. They're the only color me and B could agree on when we got married. so those are our forever placemats. lol. but it does fit. I love fall, in case you couln't tell. LOVE!


My First Fall Project

So my grandma lives in Arizona. When her husband dies, my mom and dad went down there to visit her. My mom asked me what i wanted as a suvonier when she was down there. my reply; "i dunno a cactus?" well... she brought me home 6! lol 6 little cacti!! They've been living in the box she gave me them in since then. Yesterday i got a bug up my but and decided now was the time to get these planted.
So i went on to the porch and found 2 'fall color' planters. and planted them. i think they turned out okay. I added some old fish rocks i had under neath the kitchen sink on top to add to the colors.
Then I added a little black gros grain ribbon around the edges. I'm going to go look for a orange or red color to add as well. i thought i had some in my ribbon box, but fall is the one season/holiday (halloween) i don't have ribbon for. GO figure.

I like how they turned out! i think i'll keep them. FYI, planting cactus... NOT EASY!! i put on my AF work gloves, those sucker needles still got thru. stupid needly things!