Sunday, September 6, 2009

My First Fall Project

So my grandma lives in Arizona. When her husband dies, my mom and dad went down there to visit her. My mom asked me what i wanted as a suvonier when she was down there. my reply; "i dunno a cactus?" well... she brought me home 6! lol 6 little cacti!! They've been living in the box she gave me them in since then. Yesterday i got a bug up my but and decided now was the time to get these planted.
So i went on to the porch and found 2 'fall color' planters. and planted them. i think they turned out okay. I added some old fish rocks i had under neath the kitchen sink on top to add to the colors.
Then I added a little black gros grain ribbon around the edges. I'm going to go look for a orange or red color to add as well. i thought i had some in my ribbon box, but fall is the one season/holiday (halloween) i don't have ribbon for. GO figure.

I like how they turned out! i think i'll keep them. FYI, planting cactus... NOT EASY!! i put on my AF work gloves, those sucker needles still got thru. stupid needly things!