Friday, September 25, 2009

I Want That Thursday

Want & Got Thursday

So I've been eyeing this for almost a year now. but i finally got it onsale at Walgreens for $9.99.

The technical name is: Rival 4071-WN 32-Ounce Hot Pot Express.

but thats just the fancy name for an Electric Tea Pot!

I love to drink tea when the weather is cold. but I haven't splurged and bought one to keep at my desk till this week. I'm totally in love with it! it kind of makes a weird noise when its heating up, so if you have a quite office this isn't for you. but it heats up in less than 5 minutes. Its so great.

I don't put my tea bags in the pot because i'm afraid that it'll stain and put a 'perma-taste' in the pot. so i just hang the tea bags from my mug and pour in the water. I love it so much I also put Splenda in my tea. I prefer splenda to sugar... less calories.

OKAY! seriously 1 packet of real sugar has 23 mother effing calories in it! 23!!! Thats INSANE!!
So i bought the splenda with the gram of fiber. I put 2 packets in my first cup and that lasts me all day. I might have to put one more packet in at the end of the day, but normally not at all.

I love this!!
If your a tea fan, this is totally worth the 10.00.