Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Next List

How OCD is it that I'm planning in advance to make a list? i mean seriously?

but if i don't tell you, I'll forget. So i had to remind myself.

So I just posted about my reading list and i was thinking i should do a list of my wish list reading list. The books i want to read, but haven't gotten too yet.

The only way i can keep track is by having a wish list on amazon.

This way i can get your opinions on books.
Did you like them?
Did you LOVE them?
Should i totally skip them?

The recommendations i got from my last post I'm adding to my list by the way.

Thanks for helping me remind myself.


LittleCyndiLou said...

I love the site goodreads.com you can sign up and check what your friends are reading, and rate books and see what others have rated books. And the best part it has a to read list...it is a wonderful feature for me I keep track of recommendations and things I find that I might like to read and you can read a synopsis and see what other people have rated it.

If you join let me know I will give you my info.

Mrs Ashley said...

Check out The Hunger Games. Omg! Ah-mazing! It's my favorite book for the year. :)