Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wish Day: 09.09.09

So I was inspired by a post today. B at cuttings on a blog wrote about her wishes. And i was inspired to create my own list of wishes.

Today is 09.09.09.
Today is Wish Day!

*I wish for peace for my uncle. May his amazing life not be ended by an ugly ending.
*I wish for family unlike I've had.
*I wish for the blessing to mother children
*I wish to see my husband as a father. He's going to be amazing.
*I wish for a day where I won't have to worry if I'll be able to afford groceries or not week after week.
*I wish for the career I've dreamed of.
*I wish for my husband to find the job he's worked so hard for. He put in over 4 years for the 'unfailable' job. He feels like its failed him. I hate that he feels like a failure.
*I wish to move out of my tiny tiny apartment.
*I wish for more time to write, blog, read, and organize.
*I wish for more space. not from anyone, but space to grow with someone.
*I wish for a perfect time and place where I could open a bakery and i could live, work and breathe... CUPCAKES!
*I wish for a happy and healthy relationship. I love my husband with every fiber of my being.

What do you wish as wish day comes to a close?


B said...

I wish all your wishes come true soon! Just writing them down really helped me!