Monday, September 14, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday - My First Monday!

AE Filkins introduced me to FMM. I'm kind of excited about it!
So This Monday is: What are some of your favorite fall shows?

Glee! AMAZING. but I have yet to get B into it.

VAMPIRE DIARIES! seriously. Self. Explanitory.

Extreme home makeover is my drug.

Did I mention vampire diaries on the CW?
Biggest Loser, how i love thee!!!

Did i mention that i love Vamprie Diaries on Thursday nights.
ANTM! Amazing drama. Awesomeness. and its for short people!! YAY!

p.s. i might be obsessed.

So you think you can dance!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Pure love with a side of jealousy.


Mrs. S said...

I totally watched the Vampire Diaries pilot and thought of you! I was like 'Hmm.... I wonder if Rotty's watching this. DUH, of course she is!' lol

B said...

I see... vampires, eh? Here and in your reading list! :)