Sunday, September 27, 2009

Phew... what a weekend.

This weekend has been one of the busiest I've had in a very long time.

Saturday I coached, then had the bridal show, then went to a hockey Game
Sunday We had a Co-Ed Baby shower BBQ, and Then had a family dinner with my parents.

I got NOTHING accomplished. but i feel like I've been so busy.

On Saturday Mornings (yes i have to set my alarm on a weekend) I am a volunteer coach for the junior league at my mom's bowling alley. Some of you may not know this about me, but I've been bowling since i was 8 and my little brother was 6. Now I coach 4-6 year olds on Saturday Mornings. I haven't done it for 2 years now, but I've been busy getting married and getting deployed. I forgot how much I LOVED coaching! I absolutely love it. Lol, I'm now coaching the son of a girl i used to coach several years ago. FYI She's 17 and her son is 3. yeah... I'll leave that one alone. I'm also coaching the son of a girl who used to be one of the 'cool kids' in my bowling league when i first started. lol Its funny how life comes full circle.

After I coached I came home and waited for B to get home so that he could take me to his parents house so that I could meet with his sister to go to the show. It was SO SMALL! it was the off season bridal show. There's another one in January that i went to before my wedding and it was at minimum triple the size of this one. but SIL did text me and let me know she won some jewelry and a 2 night stay at a hotel here in Portland (she's from Salem). All in all it was a fun time. Afterwards we went to Red Robin and had beers. So beer makes all the walking worth it! hahaha.
After SIL dropped me off at home we almost immediately left for the Portland Winter Hawks game! It was so much fun! One of my oldest and dearest friends was there and we got to catch up. We haven't talked or hung out in several years. It was really fun. We were snarky girls and we were giggling and having so much fun. lol. There was this 'teeny bopper esk' 20 something girl that came with our group of friends and she was so so so consided. When i left to sit up in the back to talk with my friend she took EVERY chance she could to shake her non existent ass in my husbands face. I thought it was SO FUCKING FUNNY! Because my loving husband kept trying to look around her flat ass to see the hockey. hahaha. we had many laughs at her expense. hahaha.
Then Sunday we had a really realxing moring. we slept in till oh... 11 am. hahaha. then got up and showered and made our way to target. Where we went baby shopping. lol. I am so proud to say that B picked out the baby shower gift all by himself. I picked out the bag, the tissues, the card, but he picked out the gift.
All by himself! i was so proud of him! lol. The baby shower was for his friends Kelsey & Kevin. Kelsey's mom kept giving him little pokes about how he's ready for kids cause hi picked out the 'good gift' for the shower. lol. it was really funny.
Then we came home and changed into comfy clothes and headed to my parents for dinner. My dad is AMAZING! He made 2 separate dinners. He made B's favorite dinner (roast and potatoes and gravy) and he made my favorite dinner (Kalua pork and steamed rice)!!! and we took home 5 (yes 5) containers of left overs. I'm so excited! He's pretty much the best dad ever! all though i wouldn't have gone over if i had known my mom was sick. I have such a poor immune system i know that if I am around anyone who's sick I'll eventually get it. So we pretty much dinned and dashed. I felt bad, but i can't afford to be sick.
What a weekend. I'm glad we got out of the house. but man, i'm looking forward to a relazing weekend. I wonder when that will be.