Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Leave It To Me...

So... I have an infected eye!

WTF! who gets an infected eye?!? oh yah.. ME!

okay so this is really really embaresing, but i figure what the hell, i'll share. I got a toenail in my eye.

I came home from drill and was clipping my nails. and poof. one in the eye.

I got it out right away, well i woke up monday and my eye was all sore. on tuesday i went to the doctor and got antibiotic eye drops. and it still hurts

So friday i have an eye doctor appointment.

Dude, it freaking hurts to blink!
you never realize how much you mother effing blink untill it hurts. GAH!

and the worst part is B's O.O.T till at least friday. and its looking like saturday.
I hate it.

leave it to me to do something this lame.