Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Question For You.

What do you dream about?
What is your dream?
Think Big!! Don't think "oh i want to finish tiling the bathroom" I'm talking about what do you want to accomplish in your life time? What do you dream about?

I dream about owning my own interior design firm. but make it affordable. I want to help the hectic mother of 2 who works all day and needs help organizing her life and adding a touch of class to her house.

I dream about retiring and buying and maintaining our favorite inn on the coast.

I dream of having a career that can allow me to be home when my kids get home from school

I dream of going to germany to the little town where my husband's family originates.

I dream of owning a bar. The kind of bar where you go to hang out, maybe play pool and poker. The kind of bar where everybody knows your name.

I dream of opening a resturant with my husband. He makes the best food from ideas out of his head. I think he'd be an AMAZING chef and business man.

I dream of opening a bakery. I would love love love to make my living making cupcakes and doughnuts. I think that would be A.Maz.Ing!!

I dream of getting pregnant and having a happy and healthy baby.

I dream of building our DREAM house on a HUGE hunk of land.

I dream of having enough land to grow all our own veggies and fruits.

What do you dream about? What is on you're life to-do list??


Alyssa said...

Here's my favorite dream:
I dream about a basketball stadium filled with people. It's a small-town college, maybe not even division 1. They're playing their rival. Dh is the coach, shouting plays from the sidelines, as the team takes the lead. The buzzer sounds and they win the game. DH celebrates on the court with his team; they cut down the net as fans file out from the stadium. I am waiting in the stands, a little boy by my side, a baby in my arms. As the stadium empties, we toddle down the steps. The little boy yells: "Daddy! We won!" and runs toward DH. He lifts him into his arms, and he helps to cut down the last piece of the net.
*happy sigh*
So in short, family, DH's coaching job are my dreams :)

Stephanie said...

You can come decorate my house any day! (umm yeah, for serious, please).
I used to dream of family and career. While I love my job, I find myself only dreaming of my family and I love it. I see myself with Lucas and his brothers and sisters and DH in our future house, sitting on the front lawn on a clear summer day running through the sprinkler. Then I see us playing in leaf piles, building snowmen (and snowdemons). It is perfect.