Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Starbucks Story

So I think i scared the new guy at Starbucks yesterday morning. I use the drive through one because its on my way to work. so i pull up to the speaker thingy. and look into the building. i see there's a guy i don't recognize so i say,

"this is going to be really complicated, so be warned".

he goes "okay...."

So i order "Venti, Non Fat, No Whip, Vanilla Mocha. With an extra shot, and make it extra hot"

long pause.....

longer pause.....

I'm laughing.

i hear: "okay i got the mocha part" lol.

Then I laugh harder!!

So I repeat it Slower. lol.

i lauged all the way to the window. The girls were helping him. it was funny.

I told him Good Luck!


So then fast forward to last night.

Me and B were sitting on the couch watching movies and i told him the story and we got a good giggle out of it.

then we had a mini drunken tiff last night but it was no biggie. to be honest other than something about not being heard, i can't remember what it was about.


fast forward again to this morning

Me and B go to the gym like we do on most Saturday mornings then we go to Starbucks. I stayed in the car when he went in.

he comes back to the car with my drink EXACTLY RIGHT! he totally remembered my drink from the story i told last night. I was seriously grinning from ear to ear!!
he even remembered my straw! i always have to have a straw!

Sometimes he shocks the shit out of me. I love that man!! lol.


Alyssa said...

Your baristas must not be high quality if they struggle with your drink! It's specific, but I experienced much more....floating shots, upside down, 1.5 pumps, 1/4 packet splenda, etc. I'd make your drink for you better than that dude ever could, and I haven't worked there for 3 years ;)
It also does sound quite delicious.

Chelle said...

Too funny!

I always have to have a straw with my Starbucks, too...ha! I've never met anyone else who has to have one, too :)