Friday, September 30, 2011 0 comments


This term has been a long one, but i finally feel like I'm back in the grove of things.

I feel back to my old self. Its a pretty nice feeling.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 0 comments

What an interesting night

Normally when i start a conversation, post, or blog with a title like that it involves loads of liquor and drunken events of stupidity.

But not this time.

So lets preface this story with the back ground of the day.
B worked until 645/700 pm (score for being back on days), i had put dinner in the crock pot and left for class around 415. So by the time i got home from school he was already in bed because he had to work again today. He left the house at 545 this morning (ew).
So i stayed up for about an hour just watching TV, decompressing, had a small dinner, and a beer, then went to bed about 10ish.

I layed down and snuggled in with my corner of the blanket. B had bogarted the rest of the KING size blanket. I know he doesn't sleep in 1 position so i waited up until i knew that he shifted and stole enough blanket back to just about cover me and settled in to go to sleep.


The noises started around 1100pm, but didn't really intensify till 1150.
It sounded in my mind like a loud female. i couldn't tell if she was screaming or what. but it was loud enough that i could hear it through the walls with no windows open. but it didn't sound loud enough for it to be right next door. it sounded a house away or on the back side of the block.

It settled down for a bit and I just about drifted off to sleep when BAM B wakes straight the fuck up. he goes out into the living rooms to 'investigate' and i hear the sound again. This is roughly 12:25am.

It woke me up again at 1:15, 2:45, and then i was finally able to get to sleep. that is until B left for work at 5:45.

It was just strange.

I had convinced my self that it was someone being murdered. so i made sure to pay attention to the times. but then i also realized that i sounded batshitcrazy to anyone normal so i did NOT call the cops.

But again it sounded seriously female and seriously crazed.