Monday, December 27, 2010 1 comments

I think I'm learning

So as you all probably have come to know i have a bad bad habit of finding friends who are needy and use me.

I know i do it, I don't mean too. but I do.

So I made a friend down here. She lives on base and is in my unit. I think i've talked about her before.

Anways. to the point of this post...

We have been dieting, working out, and basically spending a lot of time together. I invited her, her husband, and her daughter over for christmas dinner several weeks ago. She said she'd come and even offered to bring over green bean casserole.

So christmas keeps coming closer and we're shopping for food. I buy a 14lb turkey to feed us 5 (and have extra in case bri had a couple coworkers who wanted to come). I buy all the fixens as well. the only thing she had to do was do what she said, and show up. We kept talking about how happy I am that they are coming because it is my first holiday with out my family. Christmas is always a big holiday with my family so I would really enjoy the company to ease the blow a bit, you know?

Christmas eve I text her to tell her about what time we'll eat. She texts me back at 8pm on christmas eve saying she's not coming because her husband doesn't want to.

I was SO upset. B was mad. He actually told me to not bring her around for a long time because he won't be able to filter his feelings.

I know that this is setting a presidence for future behavior in this relationship. and i'm just ducking out now.

I have to be friendly with her because we're on the booster club together and we're in the same unit. but i'm just done with friendships like this.

my feelings are still really hurt. I know i'm probably going a little over board, but I just can't take on another needy and use-y friend

Monday, December 6, 2010 0 comments

So Rotty, What did you do this weekend?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked.

I watched 28 woman pee! Aren't you jealous!?

::slams forehead into stall door::

The conversation goes

Me: Step into my office :snaps rubber gloves & opens bathroom door:
Me: Place the small bottle on the sink and take the large one in with you
Pee Person: Wow, you're job sucks.
Me: You think?
Pee Person: :laughs: this is embarrassing
Me: Its not that bad. ::starts talking about something other than them urinating::
Pee Person: ::pees:: ::tries to hide the smile on their face::
Me: place the cup on the floor where I can see it.
Pee Person: ::Buttons up uniform::
Me: take the big bottle, pour it into the small bottle and seal tight. if you need to wash your hands, you can only use water.
Pee Person: ONLY WATER? why is that?
Me: I don't know, I'm just following the rules.
Pee Person: Why don't you know?
Me: Um... I don't work here. I just got volun-told to do this yesterday.
Pee Person: that sucks

This same senerio happened all 28 times.

It wasn't bad until I had to watch my supervisor pee. THAT was awk.ward.

man. i watched people pee for 3 hours. interesting, but not fun.

There was supposed to be 2 female observer's and 3 male observer's.

unfortunately, the other female has a UIF (unfavorable information file) so she couldn't observe.

So all the female pee watching was left for me! OMG!

I had 4 beers last night. I was EXHAUSTED!

There was the first woman who had to pee so bad that she peed on her hand.

There was the pregnant chick who had the clearest pee of them all.

There was the hungover chick who's pee was orange ::gag::

There was the woman who told me she thought she was pregnant, but didn't want it to happen right now because she was trying to time it around our next inspection so she didn't have to go.

There was the deliriously tired woman who i honestly had to tell her step by step how to do it. no joke.

There was the tiny chick who was so afraid of the toilet seat that she pee'd on it. She was trying to hold her self off the seat by using the hand rail (I had them use the handicap stall so they had more room) and she ended up turning her but towards the cup. and she pee'd on the seat.

it was an interesting day to say the least.