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Update on me...

So I'm still chugging along at work (aka the job from hell or TJFH). Every time it seems to get a little better, it gets 20x worse.

I'm still doing FL (fearless leaders) piddly little jobs. She's basically made me her bitch, and I've done nothing to stop it. why you may ask? because i need the moola. so at TJFH i offered to bring my lap top in to redo our customer lists with the newer version of excel that i have on my lap top to make it a lot easier. oh, that lasted about 1 day.

i brought in my lap top yesterday and worked on it for a while and did more in that short time, then i did that whole week (this is Thursday). Then today i come into work and I'm told... no ordered to work on the work computer and delete the customer list from my hard drive. Like I'm going to cell the work's customer list. wow! who would i sell a list of apartment complexes and management company's too? WTF?

Then i find out that FL is going to be "cross training" me into my old job duties. Yep, she's going to be training me to do the job that i did before i left, and the job i trained her to do. who the mother loving fuck does this bitch think she is.

ohhhhhhhhhh oh oh!!!!!!!!!!!! last friday she told me that i'm only allowed to go to the bathroom on breaks, and asks me if there's a medical need to go to the bathroom as much as i do? wtf? i drink water bitch. i work out, i drink water. wtf?!? i drink water i pee. oh then i'm told i'm not allowed to have my cell phone in my pocket, it MUST be in my purse. so not only can i not pee when i need to. I can't have my personal items on my person. who is this person? gah!

I've talked to the military about this job. I've talked to the Lt. Col. in public relations who's been my number one contact about the whole situation. And i've emailed her back and forth and she's got my back 110%. she knows what i'm doing is correct and what they're doing is so beyond wrong. She even called them to let them know what there doing is not only wrong its illegal, and what did they do? THEY ARGUED WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they argued with her about military and civilian law. and so the employment manager at my job just gets all huffy and demands "well, why don't you just tell us what we're doing wrong." she states, "I just want you to give her what she's earned and the law allows her to get. Educate yourself in what she's allowed by law".

god i hate that place. i'll be so happy to be rid of it as soon as the opportunity presents it self.
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2 topics 1 post

Topics To Talk About:
-work update
-BFF's marital situation
-Sammy's freak out after camping
-B's new job update
-my latest admission in my list of obsessions

We'll talk about B's work update and my work up date together!

first my job update:

It officially makes me ill to go to work anymore. The stuff that they pull there, the stuff they get away with. I feel like i'm wasting away there. I am a good worker. I work hard, I pay attention, and I like to work. But, there... none of that matters. Its just not worth staying there.

So i'm updating my resume. and starting monday i'm looking for another job.

If there are any resume writers out there that are willing to look it over, i'd really appreciate it.

B's Job Update:
So, still no luck.
No Tips.
No Leads.
No Nibbles
No Interviews
No Nothing.

We're now applying in Northern California and Northern Washington. B said he got a good feeling about the one in Washington. Its about 30 min from our base, which is better than the 3 hours we're away from base now. I hope he gets that one. its a day shift position too. So please keep your fingers crossed that we get something. I know that if he would just get an interview. I know that if b could just get an interview, we'd be set!

OH! and for all my military friendly folk, by the end of the year he'll be an officer!!! i'm so excited. i'm going to be married to an LT! I'm so excited for him. He past his physical this weekend. He's going to finish his packet and then once his packet is stamped by AFRAC, he'll be good to go. He already changed into the AES and has a O-1 position waiting for him. I'm so happy for him. It seems to be the one thing he's gotten a break on in a really long time.

So ya. there's that.

Topics To Talk About:
-work update
-BFF's marital situation
-Sammy's freak out after camping
-B's new job update
-my latest admission in my list of obsessions
-Family intown from alabama

random picture because B's out of town and i'm missing him like crazy at the moment.


Nothing makes you greatful for your life

Like watching other peoples lives self destruct.

My BFF is a prime example of this. Now, don't get me wrong, I love her with all of my heart. She's the mother of my god son and one of the best friends a girl could ask for. I wish we were closer, but over the past 2 years we've sort of grown apart because of who she was married too.

A was one of my husbands room mates when we first met. We did the total girl thing, i thought she didn't like me and she thought i didn't like her. Its just one of those things i guess. but after we got past this. she and i hit it off huge! She was the made of honor at my wedding. I was there when she had her son. it was amazing.

well... she was with someone i didn't like, approve of, or trust with my gold fish. He's a waste of skin from the word go.

B and I never liked him. I could name a million reasons why, examples, etc, but we'll leave it as he's a womanizer. He had another kid when they met. not that i have anything wrong with other people having kids. But this asshole fathered a kid with a married woman. There's no mistaking that this babygirl is his kid. it looks exactly like him. and he's mother loving proud of the fact that he got a woman to cheat on her husband and then got her pregnant. GROSS.

Then he finds my friend A. She's had a rough past with men and tends to look for love in all the wrong places. and she found it embodyed in T. T realized he could use, abuse, talk down to, and then make up to A and get what ever he wanted.

well, more than 1 year and 1 kid later, A finally got the good sense to move out on T. At first it started as a 'trial seperation'. but once they seperated she realized what a pig T was. he's asked her to 'be his wing man' so he can get laid.

so now your pretty much caught up to present day.

Well after we went camping for the 4th of july. i get a text message from A saying "boy, do i have a lot to tell you." well come to find out tim had been cheating on her (that i knew). but this one was her friend. and guess what.... SHE'S PREGNANT (yes its T's) and the last nail in the coffin... She's married too! She's due in Jan.

::dry heaves:: grosssssssssssssssssssssssss

Now last night i get a text from A , apparnetly T told her that he wants to have 10 kids from 10 differant women. WHO DOES THIS!?!? gross.

Moral of the story is: listen to me, because i'm right.
Thursday, July 9, 2009 3 comments

Home sick

I promised I've sanitized my blog before posting. so you can proceed.

So yesterday i woke up not feeling that great. just all around icky. So i go to work as normal. around 1pm i get seriously sick. So i wrap up my duties, and get the okay to go home.

I come home from work and B says to me: "its weird you're sick. we haven't been hanging around anyone who's sick." i look at him, blink a couple times and reply, "there's this little thing called work, there are these people there that i see almost daily. these people have things called germs. those are the people that come to work sick, and got me sick."
silly husband.

but I'll be updating my blog a lot today hopefully. that is between my drug induced self coma's on the couch. i need to make some coffee, the thought of something warm to drink is awfully inviting at the moment.

Monday, July 6, 2009 2 comments

Monday Morning!

Icky. does anyone truley enjoy mondays? After a truly amazing 3 day weekend camping, the thought of coming back to work this morning was almost overwhelming. there's so much left to do at home i'd rather be there. but alas i'm here.

So ya. I'm almost positive i'm turning into a germaphobe. today i went to walgreens and bought 2 bottles of purell, a thing of clorox whipes and a bottle of lysol disinfectant. all for my desk at work. lol. slighly overkill.... maybe. but effective. I haven't been feeling all that great this morning, so i'd rather kill it before i get a chance to get sick.

so everyone cross your fingers i don't get sick! okay? thanks.
Sunday, July 5, 2009 1 comments

My Latest Obsession

This SHOW!!!! This show messes me up every damn time. GOOD GOD! I swear. I cry every single gosh darn time. I'm actually watching it at the moment. And of course of all people to be on here its a disabled vet. And that messes me up EVERY TIME!!! Just thinking about this family brings tears to my eyes. I love it. I can't stop watching it.

this one guy got injured while servince in desrert storm and CVS Pharmacy donated a wheel chair that allowed him to stand for the first time in 15 years. i'm freaking crying at this show. i love it!!!

I think there are such thing as everyday hero's. This man is an everyday hero. This show is an Everyday hero. and i am obsessed with it. If this show is on, i have to stop on it. I have to watch it. Its amazing.


i'm hoping to be back for good now

Hi everyone! i wanted to let you know i miss you tons!!! its been a while since i've actually blogged. so give me a second to gather my thoughts. we went camping for 4th of July weekend. and we just got back a couple of hours ago. Its hot here, and i'm not liking it. but i'm cooling myself off with lots of beer. So here's whats left:

Topics still to talk about:
-work update
-BFF's marital situation
-Sammy's freak out after camping
-B's new job update
-my latest admission in my list of obsessions.

but i love you guys. time to get a'postin!!