Thursday, July 9, 2009

Home sick

I promised I've sanitized my blog before posting. so you can proceed.

So yesterday i woke up not feeling that great. just all around icky. So i go to work as normal. around 1pm i get seriously sick. So i wrap up my duties, and get the okay to go home.

I come home from work and B says to me: "its weird you're sick. we haven't been hanging around anyone who's sick." i look at him, blink a couple times and reply, "there's this little thing called work, there are these people there that i see almost daily. these people have things called germs. those are the people that come to work sick, and got me sick."
silly husband.

but I'll be updating my blog a lot today hopefully. that is between my drug induced self coma's on the couch. i need to make some coffee, the thought of something warm to drink is awfully inviting at the moment.


Cammie said...

yuck. feel better soon!

a H.I.T. said...

Oh yuck! Feel better.

iasa said...

drug induced comas are the best. Hope you feel better soon.