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Fridays are my favorite day

I don't get much sleep through out the week. i toss and turn and wake up just as tired as when i went to bed. So i sleep a lot on my day off. sometimes i only leave my room to pee and shower. lol.

So fridays, fridays are the day before my 1 day off a week. I like fridays cause that means i get to sleep late.

i miss sleep.

i wanna be here!

this little piggy went to market...

this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef. this little piggy had none, and this little piggy went ::cough cough cough:: all the way home! HAHAHAHA

this seems to be just about all anyone can talk about anymore. Even on the other side of the world, the swine flu conversation is a main topic of conversation.

To tell you the truth, i'm not that worried about it.

Untill proved other wise, i'm putting this along with mad cow disease. Mass epidemic in the making, or is it more like mass panic creating?

There's also rumors circulating that this could have been "created" and then spread. conspiracy theorists will ALWAYS find something. But this is just another thing to be freaked out about.

me, not so much.

i wash my hands, i wash my clothes, i'm a generally clean person. I think i'm doing okay for now.

but i'm also a sheep, and while its big news, i'll talk about it.

So, lets talk. Are you concerned about it?


PSA: To all Husbands

So I have come to the conclusion that we are on the verge of a pandemic. No, i'm not talking about the swine flu. I have talked to several of my girl friends and we all have the same thing going on in our lives right now.... Jerkface Husband Syndrome. This is serious people.

If it was just me, i would think that maybe i was overreacting. but now i have 4 CONFIRMED cases of Jerkface Husband Syndrome (JHS).

Case #1 - 1 husband said that his wife was deliberately pissing him off by saying "I'm glad you stayed in tonight because you're not feeling well". riiiiiiiight

Case #2 - causing wife to cry ON HER BIRTHDAY!

Case #3 - still in review. but i know it to be completely factual.

Case #4 - wife was told by a friend that her H had kissed another female. This was pre marriage, but not pre-dating. he is here with me, she is 5 months pregnant and home.

So wives be on the look out for JHS. and lord help you if your husband comes down with this.

Dear husbands,
please be nice to your wives. we put up with a lot, don't make it harder on us.
your wife (s).

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I get to go here when i get home!!


Tiny Husband Vent

I love the man. Don't get me wrong. but he's so frustrating sometimes.
So me being here and him being there. its being a little difficult sometimes.
Like last night for instance.

He wanted to go out to the bar to watch the Blazers Playoff game. No problem.

I ask him a simple question: "will you be out late, or are you going to be home before my shift change?" FYI, my shift change here is at 1:00 am back home. So its not like i'm asking him to be home way early.

He says, "no, i'll be home before shift change"

So i wait.

Shift change approaches, we get slammed. I send him an email saying:
"So I guess you wont be home before shift change
I love you sweetie. I hope you had a fun time. I’ll call you tomorrow before work if you’re not to busy…
I love you very much!!
Lol! hope you kicked their ass at pool
-<3 me"

i get no email back. but when i sighned on to our IM. i have this waiting for me:
B (11:26:04 AM) >> uh what
B (11:27:06 AM) >> hello?
B (11:28:37 AM) >> and then.....................
B (11:29:49 AM) >> acccording to your email you are gone
B (11:29:51 AM) >> Shiat
(note some time)
He knows my shift change is at 11:30. he knows its often before then depending on when my co worker gets here. and he shows up with 4 min to spare. Sorry not a happy camper.

All he would of had to say was "no, I'll probably be out late." I'm all for having fun, but don't tell me you'll be home. and then your not. even more so when i'm a bazzilion miles away waiting for you to come home and get online to talk to me.

I love him, but god he infuriates the shit out of me sometimes.
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Wordless Wednesday


26 hours and counting

that i've been awake. And i still have 11.5 more to go. needless to say i'm really freaking tired right now.

so yesterday went as soo:

11:20 pm-10:45am - work
10:55 - 11:55am - awards ceremony (i was the photog)
12:00 - way to fucking late - squadron photo
way to late - what the hell - Section photo
What the hell - this is ridiculous - personal award ceremony & speech.
this is ridiculous - 4:50 pm - back to my room and read
5:00 - 6:00 - out processing briefing
6:00 - tried to sleep
7:00 -fail at sleep
8:30 - get up and sower
9:30 - walk to work
11:30 start shift.

i'm reallllllllly reallyyyyyyyyyyy tired guys.
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Things I'm craving at the moment

So i've been deprived food for long enough. Well, they do feed us! Its the quality of the food that i have issues with. And the fact that i'm STARVING doesn't help. lol.

so this is what i'm craving (in no particular order)

Olive Gardens SeaFood Alfred0 (hold the alfredo sauce add garlic sauce on the side)

Red Robin's crispy Chicken Salad

KALUA PORK & Fried rice from our favorite Hawaiian resturant

BEER!!!!!!! Glorious BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So i've found out...

2 new things i want to start on my blog.
1) Wordless Wednesday
2)10-on-10 (10 new photos on the 10th of each months)
i like photos. lol.

oh i also learned today that i have O.B.D. Obsessive blog disorder.
I seriously have been updating my blog, thinking about updating my blog, finding things to put in my blog, browsing other blogs, reading other blogs, and basically sitting my happy ass on blogger all freaking day. lol. and for a 12 hour work shift thats a long time.
but here are some pictures for you from where i currently am.


Well, shit!

So i pissed off the husband.

Back story (the condensed version):
-his school has a bar crawl every term
-he hasn't been able to go
-he wanted to go
-he also wanted to crash on a friends couch
-his friend was a female
-he knew this would upset me and said so before he told me about it.
-I've met her 2 times
-never had more than 1 conversation with her
-couldn't pick her out in a crowd if i had too.

So i told him i didn't like it, but if it was his only option then i trusted him to make the best decision.

So at the end of the night last night he told me that he would ask his Step dad to pick him up.

Well today he tells me that he's still mad and i quote "I don't know, I guess I'm more disappointed that I'm still havering to deal with these pointless squabbles over an easily correctable situation.... Especially when nothing was done yet, only planning".

What the hell?! i thought we corrected it. i thought we were working on it. i don't understand where the issue is.

and the worst part. even though i don't understand... i feel like absolute shit! i am such a mush when it comes to this man. I want to stand up and be like i did nothing wrong. but the simple fact that he used the word "disappointed" crushes me. But i won't back down. I do NOT like the fact that he might sleep over at some girls house. it tears me up! absolutely tears me up inside. I'm not a trusting person by nature. i come from a long line of hypocondriacts and jealous women. the fact that I've been cheated on more than once doesn't help. but i trust him to make the write decision. i may not like it, but i trust him. and the fact that he's disappointed in me crushes my heart.

i'm on the other side of the world, and nothing seems to be going right.


Husbands & Beer

First of all let me say that you can buy gift baskets of beer is fucking brilliant!!!! hahaha

So I'm in the search of a graduation present for my loving husband.
I'm REALLY REALLY lost as to what to get him.

for valentines day: gift basket of beer
for get well present: healthy snack gift box.
for graduation:?!?!?!

i'm seriously at a loss for what to get him.

Websites i've used for beer gift baskets:

blogs i love & products that are not worthy

I found this blog via the blogs of note. If you haven't been looking there, you totally should. they have some awesome blogs.

Also she's from Oregon which makes here awesome. then she's a coffee lover which makes her 2x as awesome. lol.

but in one of her blogs she points out a little shop:
Hers:Blog Entry Here

I know a lot of you guys have kids, want kids, know kids, etc. So i thought I'd pass on the awesomeness of both the blog and the bamboo. If you've never felt bamboo made cloth you are MISSING OUT! At the hospital i used to work at a local company used to sell them on the bridge in the hospital. Bamboo fabric is amazing.

This online shop does bath towels/blankets for babies & children. they're super cute/hip designs. I want to buy them for my godson. So cute! The pluses of using bamboo fabric is amazing. Bamboo fabric is: soft, sustainable, super absorbent, antibacterial, antifungle, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, etc. Seriously amazing stuff. and so green!! check it out!
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my love for etsy knows no bounds

I want this soooooooooooooo bad!!

And this apron is soooooooooooo cute!!!

This one's cute too!!

and these... do we see a theme here peeps?

Random Blog i love

i love the pictures in this one. the fresh angles of the pictures and the composition is absolutly intriguing to me. I love it

tales of the unlikely housewife. She comes up with awesome ideas, useful links, and great humor. LOVE IT

WDYT? Movie posters? love or hate?


Yep totally obsessed

So i keep looking for pictures and sneak peaks onf the NEW MOON movie...
and in my time i've come across these.
Thought I'd share my awesome boredness and online picture finding skills. HAHA