Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In my life time i have been obsessed with Many things. barbies, worms, n*sync (lol), lime green, and cupcakes...just to name a few.

My newest obsession has taken a form. My current obsession is VAMPIRES! lol. yes, vampires. you heard me right.

It started with twilight then branched off into movies and books. No i don't want to go get some fake fangs, pretend i can fly, and drink fake blood. but i just find the whole idea and concept very interesting.

So my new favorite book series is the sookie stackhouse/southern vampire series. i love them!!!!

So the first book of the sookie stack house series was made into the TV series True Blood. Which i also LOVE!!! holy crap!

okay so i today i was crusing over (which is totally a lie) and i found that in the second season of true blood their starting to cast people.

today they say they're casting Evan Rachel Wood in the cast in the role of Queen Sophie Anne.

She's not EXACTLY the image i had pictured for sophie anne. but its totally a good fit. I can see it though! i'm so excited for the new season of True Blood! i want to buy the expensive cabel just for this show. lol!!

oh i'm going to save my obsession for twilight for another post. lol.


LittleCyndiLou said...

Rotty I could have written these posts my self, I am in love with all things twilight, cannot freakin wait for the next movie and love the sookie stackhouse series. Evan Wood is not really what I had in mind for Sophie Anne either, but I'm sure it will be good!

Here is a clip from season 2 of True Blood

and is good for all things on the new twilight movie.