Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tiny Husband Vent

I love the man. Don't get me wrong. but he's so frustrating sometimes.
So me being here and him being there. its being a little difficult sometimes.
Like last night for instance.

He wanted to go out to the bar to watch the Blazers Playoff game. No problem.

I ask him a simple question: "will you be out late, or are you going to be home before my shift change?" FYI, my shift change here is at 1:00 am back home. So its not like i'm asking him to be home way early.

He says, "no, i'll be home before shift change"

So i wait.

Shift change approaches, we get slammed. I send him an email saying:
"So I guess you wont be home before shift change
I love you sweetie. I hope you had a fun time. I’ll call you tomorrow before work if you’re not to busy…
I love you very much!!
Lol! hope you kicked their ass at pool
-<3 me"

i get no email back. but when i sighned on to our IM. i have this waiting for me:
B (11:26:04 AM) >> uh what
B (11:27:06 AM) >> hello?
B (11:28:37 AM) >> and then.....................
B (11:29:49 AM) >> acccording to your email you are gone
B (11:29:51 AM) >> Shiat
(note some time)
He knows my shift change is at 11:30. he knows its often before then depending on when my co worker gets here. and he shows up with 4 min to spare. Sorry not a happy camper.

All he would of had to say was "no, I'll probably be out late." I'm all for having fun, but don't tell me you'll be home. and then your not. even more so when i'm a bazzilion miles away waiting for you to come home and get online to talk to me.

I love him, but god he infuriates the shit out of me sometimes.


Chatham said...

It must be in the stars this week... Every husband I know is a farking idiot.