Thursday, April 30, 2009

this little piggy went to market...

this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef. this little piggy had none, and this little piggy went ::cough cough cough:: all the way home! HAHAHAHA

this seems to be just about all anyone can talk about anymore. Even on the other side of the world, the swine flu conversation is a main topic of conversation.

To tell you the truth, i'm not that worried about it.

Untill proved other wise, i'm putting this along with mad cow disease. Mass epidemic in the making, or is it more like mass panic creating?

There's also rumors circulating that this could have been "created" and then spread. conspiracy theorists will ALWAYS find something. But this is just another thing to be freaked out about.

me, not so much.

i wash my hands, i wash my clothes, i'm a generally clean person. I think i'm doing okay for now.

but i'm also a sheep, and while its big news, i'll talk about it.

So, lets talk. Are you concerned about it?


CageQueen said...

Dude. I am so.over.swine.flu.

I live here in CA and as I said on another blog, I'd STILL travel to Mexico if the deal was good!!

Only one person in the US has died from swin flu, and that was a child so naturally his immune system was weaker. In comparison to the 36,000 folks who die from the regular old flu, I think I will pass on panicking.

I think things are so bad with the government right now, so much distress, etc. that they're making a big deal about the swine flu so that when nothing happens (which I'm confident it won't) they'll be able to say, "Hey, look at us, we did something good."

The airports here are ridiculous!