Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weather Blues

So I know i said i was excited for fall, but i thought there was going to be a smoother transition into fall. This weeks weather has been SCREAMING WINTER! I got word from one of our driver's its snowing not to far away from where we are. W.T.F! its not even October yet. SO not cool people.

This is the snow cam of the lodge less than 45 min away from where i work. HOLY CRAP. So not excited about this people. I DO.NOT.DRIVE in snow. No ma'am i do not. I will kill my self and someone else. I am smart enough to know i don't know what the fuck I'm doing. so i just don't.
This is today's view from my desk. GRR. we just had a huge rain storm roll past already this morning. At the moment its dry, and the sun is trying to peak through but failing miserably.

This is the 10 day trend for the city i work in, I'm calling them big fat liar heads. It is so not "partly cloudy" and currently its 50 degrees outside not 57. is a big fat liar head. jerk bombs.

I want my freaking FALL! i want pretty colors, sunshine and crisp weather. Not rain and storms and snow. Listen up mother nature, i want my freaking fall. I realize I'm in Oregon, but COME.ON!!!!