Thursday, October 1, 2009

Interesting Find

Have You seen these before????
Chester's PuffCorn - Cheese Flavored.
I went to the corner store on my break to get a Coca-Cola Zer0 (my new love BTW). And i saw these. And i was thought "eh, 2$? I can do that", so I bought it. Its a HUGE bag, so i shared. Its interesting. Its like popcorn, but what popcorn would be like if it was on steroids and shaved.
They're big gigantic 'puffs'. They have the same texture as popcorn, but there's no fear of biting into the kernel, and it doesn't get stuck in your teeth or on the roof of your mouth. I got the cheese flavor, they're really good. and only 160 calories isn't bad. My co worker says "I bet they're mostly air." O they are, if by air you mean Awesomeness. They have a texture that takes a little getting used too, but ya. I thought i would share this kernel of awesomeness with you. lol.


Cate said...

I freaking LOVE that stuff :)