Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friend Making Monday

On a tuesday. I'm running a bit late on this one (as always) but i'm at least I'm finding time to post. Even if its 4:50 in the morning.

This week is What Makes You Happy? We're breaking it down for the small things in life.

♥My Amazing husband. He is my missing piece and i love him with everything i am
♥ Our long haired weenie-dog Sammy. He's our baby for now!!
♥Extreme Home Makeover - Fills my need for design and my need for drama. Love love love!
♥Starbucks Iced Tea!! I'm a wee bit obsessed with it.
♥ My little brothers. lol, p.s. this pictures is from high school. My little brother is on the left, i'm in the center, and my brothers best friend (my brother by association) is on the right.

♥ Reading good books under a comfy blanket
♥Chilling out on the couch after a long week with my love.
♥ Good Oregon Storms.
♥ Spending time with these 2 crazy kids
♥ And my Godson. He's pretty much the light of my life. So amazingly great!!

What makes you happy!?



Marjie/Bridey said...

You forgot me. :(

Frugal Vicki said...

Yeah, that look while you are reading is TOTALLY GI Barbie