Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Q&A Part 1

My first (and only ::sigh::) comment on my ask rotty post was from Isha. Who i absolutely adore. She asks:

Do you think your opinion and love of the military will change in the future when you plan on having children? Or will your plans be adjusted, or remain as is?

Does my love for the military change my plans for kids? yes, yes it does. But not the way of having or not having kids. Kids have always been a part of our future goals. I've always always wanted to be a mother and B is going to be an amazing father. It just changes how its all going to work out. When we're both in the military, it makes things just a bit different because there are so so so many more things to think about. So many things that most civilian's don't have to think about. Like life insurance, family medical plan, family care plans, and wills. I'm not saying that all civilian's don't think about this. but I don't think they need all these in place before the kid is old enough to talk . It just throws a different spin on planning our family

I believe the military life offers a lot of things that civilian life doesn't do enough. I believe it shows you to be grateful for what you have, to know you're blessed with each day, and it teaches you honor. I think the military life helps add values to kids that a lot of kids i see lately are missing. yes, a lot of it has to do with the parenting. but there are so many other factors that contribute to the factor to the outcome of offspring. I really want to instill values in my kids and i'm so excited to try.

It makes planning a family different, maybe a little harder. but defiantly doable and plan-able. I can't wait to make military brats!
cause than i can rock this t-shirt:


Marjie/Bridey said...

Can you get me an Air Force T-shirt?


Stephanie said...

Do you think you will volunteer for another deployment? What about B, you said he is enlisting, right? Would they deploy you together or separately, or just one at a time?

Cammie said...

as an airforce wife I can totally agree

a H.I.T. said...

Man! I hate not being in the blogging world more often.

What a great response to that question.