Friday, October 23, 2009

Q&A Part II (and Part III)

My Second comment/question comes from the lovely and amazing Stephanie (who is the mom of Lucas the most adorable spawn).

If you weren't around for my first post:
Ask Rotty!

She asks:
Do you think you will volunteer for another deployment? What about B, you said he is enlisting, right? Would they deploy you together or separately, or just one at a time?


Well... I guess this is as good a time as any to spill the beans.
Yes. I have already volunteered for another deployment. In less than a year I’ll be gone again. I'm so freaking excited!!

And again, you read that right I VOLUNTEERED! And I'm EXCITED!! Yes the caps were needed.

Lol. My husband is signing up for active duty and in the near future we will be moving and I will be switching units.

But I’m doing everything possible to get things in order so I can deploy 1 last time with my unit. I'm so excited about it. There is always a possibility that we could deploy together, but it’s not likely. We are in 2 different jobs and have 2 separate qualifying standards for deployment. But to be completely honest. I do not want to deploy with B. When you're deployed it’s a completely different world.

You can't hold hands
You can't kiss
You can't show affection
You can't stay together
Basically, You can't be married.

I would be so worried about what he was doing and where he was I would never be able to do my job effectively and to the best of my ability. At home I don't have to worry if he's safe, if he's okay. I know he is. I trust him with every fiber of my being. To be honest if I didn't trust him, there's no way we could be together. Not because I don't love him, but because in a military marriage trust is just 1 notch below love. You HAVE TO trust your loved one otherwise all is lost.

So to answer
Stephanie's Questions:

Do you think you will volunteer for another deployment? Yes! And I can't wait!!

What about B, you said he is enlisting, right? Yes he is!

Would they deploy you together or separately, or just one at a time? We're about 55% sure that we'll probably not deploy together. I left such room for margin of error.

It is the military people!! As soon as you 'think' you know something is set.... it'll change. Just wait.

And to Answer Bridey's Question:

Can you get me an Air Force T-shirt?

My love, you're going to get a t-shirt that says "my little sister in the air force" because I love you enough that you ARE my older sister. Parents....pshhhhhhh who needs the same birth parents!! We’re sisters down to the soul! Lol.

I'm an open book. Ask my anything, even non military related.♥


Buckin said...

I don't really have a question. I just wantt to say I admire you so much. I married a military man AFTER he got out. His family is still at LeJeune as his dad was career and now works helping Veterans get their benefits etc.

It's a different world. A very hard world not only as a military person but as a military family. I can't imagine the strength of character it takes to do not only what you do but to send your husband off to do it as well.

Thank you. Thank you for deploying and serving your country for those of us at home. I wish I had one/tenth of your courage and strength and as always I will pray for your (and your husbands) safe return.

Stephanie said...

Make sure to give me your mailing address so I can send you more reeses pieces and kleenex and bendy straws.
That is incredible, good for you. We will miss you! I know, I know, you can usually still log on and chat with us. But somehow it is different.
Hmm for another question. What is your favorite ice cream?