Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who does this sort of thing?? Oh ya, Me!

So yesterday my coworker/boss (I say that because I'm not quite sure if she's technically my boss now or just a coworker now, long story) called me early early early in the AM asking me to get to work early because her car broke down and she wouldn't be able to get to work on time.

We work in a small 2-3 person office, so if one person's late it effects everyone.

So as I'm leaving, she calls and asks if i can swing by and pick her up. So i do. She's on my way into work with a small detour, so its no big.

Well then yesterday she's talking to her SO (significant other, her and her man aren't married but they have 2 kids and have been together a looooong time) on the phone and asks me if i can take her home? Sure not a problem i say.

Then at lunch they're talking about what is going on with her car, and when its going to be fixed, yada yada yada.She starts talking about taking the bus into work, and needing to find her umbrella (we live in Oregon people, rain happens) and it might need to be her mode of transportation for a while until they get the car worked on. So i go and open my big fat mouth and say "well, if you need a ride i can come and get you early and just dink around online while i wait to clock in".

Who the mother eff volunteers to get up 2 hours early, to pick someone up, to come to work and not get paid?!?

oh ya... me.

What the hell was i thinking?