Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh Rotty, What do you do on this drill weekend?!?

Oh you want to know what i did this drill weekend do you?

do you really?

are you sure?!?

okay. you asked for it...

This morning my MSgt pulled me aside and said he had a talk for me. Sure, why not.

you want to know what he asked me to do?

BE A U.A. OBSERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
yep, that's right people. i got to watch people pee allllllll morning long.

doesn't that sound awesome??? nope, not kidding.

In case you didn't know. In the reserves there are monthly random urine analysis tests. This month they were short on observers. So i got that lucky job. in the military you don't get to go into the bathroom by yourself then bring out that lovely cup full of that yellowish liquid.

Nope, In the military this is how it goes: you walk into the room, you sign in, and you wait your turn. When you are called up for your turn (and you have to pee) you walk over to the table and sign your paperwork. Then the observer signs the paperwork. When the observer is signing, the is explaining to you how it works.

You walk in to the bathroom with the observer and rinse your hands, water only.
Then you go into the stall and pee in to the big cup with the observer in the stall with you.
Then you can finish peeing, wipe, and pull up your pants. Yep, the observer is watching that too.
Next you go out to the sink and poor your pee from the big cup to the little cup and seal it and throw away the big cup. And rinse your hands with water again.
When you walk back out to the med.techs table. and you sign he label on the bottle, and the observer signs it, and then the med tech signs it. Then you use the hand sanitizer and your on your merry way.

lol. Doesn't that sound like fun?
nope, your right. It doesn't.

P.S. I have never ever had to do this before in my 5 years in so far. HAHAHA. I load planes normally. but they need to have 'voluntold' people to share the wealth. fun fun.


Frugal Vicki said...

Please please please tell me you are kidding. But I know you aren't. Now, if I can get all questiony on you for a sec. After the disclaimer of course. I LOVE the people that serve for me. In fact, every Memorial Day I visit my extremely beloved Grandfather at his grave because I know what it meant to even him. But here is my question (please please don't be offended, I really just want to know) What is it? If you watch Army Wives (YES I know it is a t.v. show but still), you and your family sacrifice SO MUCH if you are called. There are SO many fears. Truly I want to know. What IS it? Hmm, I probably should have emailed this right? Email me back-or use it as a post idea. I know I am not the only one that wonders what pulls you so much to sacrifice all that you do.

Frugal Vicki said...

And hey, P.S. because I don't know, is it rude I asked??

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