Friday, October 16, 2009

Confession Friday

Its been a long long week. But Friday is here. and its time to confess:

Confession Friday
♥ I took a pregnancy test this week for the first time in almost 2 years.

♥ I wanted it to be negative (we're just not ready), but when it was i was a little bit sad.

♥ I'm desperately afraid of getting pregnant because of how many people so close to me have had difficulties.

♥ Mostly I'm afraid of having a Miscarriage. I don't know if i could handle it emotionally.

♥ All that being said. I can't wait to start TTC (trying to conceive). B will be an amazing husband.

♥ B almost got into a fist fight last night because someone was giving me shit and it upset me. and while i don't want him to fight, the fact that he would made me both so happy and incredibly hot!!

♥ I'm a little afraid of how Sammy will react when i have a baby. He freaks out when my Amazing Godson shows up for a while. Last time he actually peed on the carpet. he hasn't done that in ages.

♥ I'm afraid I'll be a mom like my mom. Even though I'm not willing to let that happen. Its still a fear.

♥ I know my mom is going to give me sooooooooooo much shit about the fight B 'almost got into' on Thursday, and I'm just not willing to listen.

♥ I think i might... might.. possibly have an addiction to blogging.

.... and with that. I say good night loves.
Sweet dreams


Chatham said...

1. I totally understand all of your fears.
2. I think it is super HOT when DH stands up for me.
3. I love your Confession Fridays.

Frugal Vicki said...

a. I get every single one of your fears.
b. I have wanted my hubby to stand up for me a time or two when he didn't. I think it is awesome when they do.
c. I spent 18 months (9 months twice) wishing I could be like other women that didn't worry so much the whole time. I never stopped worrying. About anything.
d. I was terrified to be like my mom, too. And in all honesty, at moments I find her coming out. And then I cry. But you know what I do. I got to my children, and I APOLOGIZE. I told them that what I did was wrong. I told them that I make mistakes. I ask for their forgiveness. This is something my mother never did. And I also know that there are things she did/didn't do that I will/won't. I can't. I know how bad it hurts. And really, it is something I would/wouldn't do anyway. Everything takes work. And dedication. And it looks like this is important enough to you that you will practice and change until you get it right.