Friday, July 20, 2012

I hurt myself (Part II)

I shared my story of HOW my finger got infected.

Now for the "living with an infected finger" story. Sounds riveting right? No? I knew it.
But i'm going to tell you anyways.

So after my long and frustrating appointment with Dr.Douche. I came home and talked with B (in case you haven't heard he's an RN) I tend to trust his opinion over almost anyone when it comes to most things, including my finger.

So with the pain and swelling and the obvious pp (puss pocket) on my finger. We (me) decided to open it. And so, we did.
B boiled some new clippers. I soaked my finger and held super still and cut it open. and FUCK did that hurt.
B then proceeded to "milk" my finger. he pushed on the hole finger as I had it in a soak (hot water and Epsom salt).... while I bawled into a towel. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but it did get a lot of "nastiness" out of my finger.

TMI ALERT: when he came to take my finger out of the soak and bandage it up there was a "goo-clot" of blood and puss half in half out of the cut.

So that all happened on Tuesday.

Today is Friday.

My 'cut' is better. but I'm still really swollen. I still can't bend my finger.
My elbow and shoulder are beginning to hurt
my finger throbs....
it hurts...
I'm not better.
this shit sucks.
all from a fucking hang nail. lol.