Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crazy little thing called work

So this week at work has been freaking nuts. People are on edge in the office today. I have cramps from hell. and to top it all off i got my ass chewed by a 92 year old man yesterday.

oh and my boss made me cry out of frustration today. Normally he's a really great guy. But he has what i call 'older brother issues' he likes to speak with out thinking.

Today i just wanted him to look over my invoice picking sheet before i sent it down to production because it was a huge order. First he didn't understand, then he wanted copies, then he asks why i'm making coppies, then he tells me he wants copies and in the same sentence he doesn't.

he storms out of my office and runs to the owner, and i couldn't help but let the tears flow. i was like what the fuck? He just started off the day full of piss and vinager. I don't know what was up. he's normally such a funny calm sarcastic dude. but nope not today.

Work has been pretty good. the days have been flying by though. i'm really liking it here. We're working good together, getting things straightened out and organized.

i just needed to vent.