Sunday, September 14, 2008

I hate babies, okay?

I know that with the age group i'm in, I am going to be faced with several stereo types. I'm young and married. I did something some people skip these days. I got married before having kids. Having kids by the age of 21 is a very common thing here. and often the trip down the aisle is skipped and re routed with a trip to the doctor. lol.

Now i'm not saying that people who have kids before marriage are bad, but i'm just tired of hearing about it.

all i heard this weekend was "having kids is hard, we have no time, no money, can't go out, blah blah blah blah blah." and with the same breath they turn around and ask me when i plan on having kids. good job at the brain washing but i'm pretty sure you failed.

weak sauce.

I'm going to wear a tshirt that says: I punch babies in the face. maybe then it won't be so weird when i don't have a screaming kid on my hip.

maybe i'm a tradionalist but i believe things have a certain order.

high school
being married for a while
then kids!!!

so i got married before i graduated from college. at least i went and am still going. i think people need to live their lives before having kids. Go out!!! do things, see places, visit new lands.

okay people.
i hate babies.
i hate fetus's (feti)
i don't care if you think i'm missing out
i don't care if you think i'll have cute babies (okay maybe i like that one)
i don't care if you want my baby to play with your baby
that still isn't going to make me rush to have a baby.

vent over.