Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday's are my favorite day

Sunday's will forever be my favorite day.

We woke up this morning and went for our first offical work out at our new gym. We got the membership on Friday. It was fun honestly. i did the elyptical for 30 min, i did a cool down on the treadmil for ten min, i sat at the bike for 20 min (but, honestly bikes are boring with out a book to me), i went to the lower level and did the ab machines, then i did the x-ball for a while, then back to the treadmil as i waited for bri to get out of his class. then he went for a swim (laps) and i sat my ass in the hot tub. it was perfect, not to much chlorine, not to hot it was amazing.

Then we went to go get some lunch. We went to subway. I stepped out of my comfort zone and got something new. i got the chipotle steak sub on wheat with chipotle mayo and peperjack cheese. it was soooooooooo good. not the healthyest but it was really good.

I've been burning cd's now. I'm moving all my pictures to Cd's so i can clear up space on my hard drive. plus its just plain more safe to have them on CD. I have bad luck with electronics. I've broken EVERY SINGLE VCR i've ever owned. my first DVD player was stolen by my ex. my second just crapped out on me. I'm on cell phone number 4 with in the past 2 years, not due to upgrades but because i'm a klutz. my PC computer is so infected its worthless. and my truck is a peice of shiit. lol. well my truck was a POS when i bought it but still.

I'm on load of laundry #5 for the day. laundry is my nemisis (sp). I do laundry and do laundry and do laundry and because we wear clothes it keeps coming. but the worst part about laundry is having to fold it and put it away (or hang) its just so time consuming. lol. i can't help that i hate it.

i'm just rambling now....
lets add a picture i haven't hadded a pictures in a while


aLLiSoNWoNDeRLaND said...

dude. I don't like laundry either. And it's not the putting it in the washer... I can do that no problem, but remembering to switch loads and putting it away. Oh gosh I hate putting it away!!

Val Duffinger said...

Yay for the gym! I'm so excited for you!!!

H*E*E said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous Sunday---well minus the laundry--But hey who doesn't hate laundry and if they say they like---they are LIEING!