Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Menu Planning Monday... on a tuesday

Yesterday was kind of chaotic, So I had to put off the post till today.

So In addition to my new coupon obsession fascination hobby, I've started doing a weekly menu plan.

I plan the days roughly, but they are interchangeable. say for instance my loving husband who on Sunday didn't have an opinion now has an opinion on say... Wednesday, I can switch it up.

I try and plan 1 day where there can be a 'left over' day, or a day where we can go out. but I do try to make sure that there is a meal planned each day. I also take into account the weather temperature, and if B works or not. I like to have something hearty on the days he works that allows for some left overs for the next day.

So this week I decided on:

Sunday - Tacos - No work
Monday - Crock-pot Salsa Chicken - Works
80* - Tuesday - Zesty Beef Casserole - Works
80* - Wednesday - Chicken & Rice - Works
70* - Thursday - Chicken Noodle Soup - I work he's off - so this my switch
66* - Friday - Turkey meat loaf - I work he's off - so this will switch
72* - Saturday - Stuffed peppers - He works (This was on my meal plan last week, but we didn't make it)

This is the second week I've been doing this. I hope that after I stock up on the 'essentials' I can cut our shopping bill drastically.

I love it.... I love to be in control.