Monday, November 15, 2010

"What did you do to yourself THIS time?"

So Thursday night I started getting sick.

Friday I was feeling crummy, but not to bad. I drove the whole way down to disneyland. My Sister and Law have had this trip planned for WEEKS. So there was no way I was going to back out.

after a long long long day Saturday I felt like warmed poop. So instead of spending a half day in the park and then driving home. We just decided to go home.

My SIL drove the way home, which is really good. She took me on base, and dropped me off at the hospital. I went up and saw bri working, then went down and admitted myself to the ER.

The doc listened to my lungs and didn't like it.
2 IV drips, and 4 chest scans later.... I'm home.
I'm exhausted
I'm Sore. The med-tech blew the vein in my left arm and I already have a sizable bruise.

I have bronchitis, lyringitis, and viral syndrom.

This is where they put the IV. Also, Not so fun. it hurt so bad.
This is the arm that they blew the vein in. HOLY OUCH btw!!


sulfababy said...

Oh no! :( Feel better soon!