Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And the packing begins

Today my Ma and I went to Hades (aka Walmart). I spent $103 and some cents on Rubbermaid containers. I got 2 humongous containers (1 for my shoes lol), and 4 large containers. Then I got 2 smaller ones. 1 for my spices and 1 for all of Sammy's gear.

Tonight I felt like I really needed to get something done. I needed to start something, pack something, do something. So, I started with my shoes. I should have taken a before picture of the shoe rack we had in my apartment.

Let me break this down for you all. I seriously live in a 560 sq.ft. apartment and I have a LOT of shoes. You do the math. Small apartment + lots of shoes = ....... ::waits for responses::

yep, that's right folks. I had a HUMONGO shoe rack.

Because I have a slight (read: insanely huge) problem with OCD, I wrapped each pair in a plastic garbage sack. See, I recycle. I got about 70% of them wrapped and packed. I would have packed 90% of my shoes, but I ran out of sacks. I'm glad I got the large Rubbermaid container (with wheels) because it was HEAVY! My plan is to wrap and pack all shoes except for my work out sneakers and flip flops. I live in flip flops in the summer. If I could, I'd be barefoot all day everyday.

(this is Mariah Carey's Closet... that lucky whore)

So that brought an end to that. I FB'd my mom and asked her to round up all her sacks, so i can finish. After I ran out, I took down the shoe rack. I asked B if he thought we should keep it, he said no. But its still in really good condition, So i took it a part, wrapped it up, and put it in the shoe box.

This is becoming all the more real.
I can't wait!
If I could totally be a professional mover.... on second thought. Maybe not.


Chelle said...

Reading this makes me want to PCS again...and I know I'm weird, but I love moving.

Just getting rid of clutter and organizing in the new place...awesome!

Where are y'all moving to?


Just Add Walter said...

oh gosh, I hate moving - when we sell our house you can come pack for me!!